Top 10 Best MTG Arena Decks That Wreck Hard (2019 Edition)

Best MTG Arena Decks
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Construct some of the best decks and start your Arena streak

What Are The Best MTG Arena Decks Right Now?

With the new Ravnica Allegiance release and meta shifting  with the addition of some new powerful cards and mechanics, you are probably struggling to climb the ranking ladder
The decks are all changed, the new stuff may confuse you, and your wallet is too empty  to buy packs and experiment with cards until you find a winning formula.

You have noticed that there is a  lack of good MTG Arena deck building content online and you are craving for some helping hand - do not worry! With a careful study of new meta decks since the release, we were able to present the decks that have the biggest win percentage. We will show you why.

Maybe you are a tinkerer and maybe you like to brew your own deck in the game. Even then, you can use this list as a referent point from which you can draw inspiration for some minor deck tweaks.

These are the most powerful decks in the current game.

(NOTE: This particular list will only include best-of-1-decks)

10. Mono-blue Tempo

Playing carefully and protecting your Tempest Djinn will win you the game

Mono-blue established itself since the previous meta as a budget and effective version of tempo [aggro/control] deck that works against basically everything. You have small evasive creatures, card-draw mechanics, counter-spells and cheap ways of protecting your valuable big boy - Tempest Djinn.

Why this deck?

  • Ultra cheap (You have only 4 rare slots for Tempest Djinn) in best of 1
  • Protects your life and your creatures effectively
  • Can establish good board state vs creature decks
  • Wins in the races it’s not allowed to win (vs aggro)
  • A challenging experience with a lot of interaction

How do you play?

  • Start quickly with small evasive creatures
  • Slowly take advantage with card draws and early damage (Curious Obsession) 
  • Save mana for hexproofing your creatures and countering spells
  • Keep your Merfolk Tricksters in hand for some nice combat-tricks 
  • Finish the game off with adapted Pteramander and a powerful Tempest Djinn


  • 3     Mist-Cloaked Herald     
  • 4     Pteramander  
  • 4     Siren Stormtamer     
  • 4     Merfolk Trickster     
  • 4     Tempest Djinn     
  • 4   Curious Obsession   
  • 2     Dive Down     
  • 4     Opt     
  • 3     Spell Pierce     
  • 1     Blink of an Eye     
  • 3     Chart a Course          
  • 1     Essence Capture     
  • 4     Wizard's Retort
  • 19   Island
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