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Mileena Cosplays
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Mileena just wants a kiss... and the kingdom.

18- Larxenne Cosplay

Larxenne cosplay Mileena

Larxenne cosplay Mileena

Cosplay by Larxenne

Would you dare challenge her? Nothing that ever came from the Flesh Pits has been easy to kill.

17- Ksana Stankevich

Ksana Stankevich Mileena gypsy

ksana stankevich gypsy mileena

Cosplay by Ksana Stankevich

Is she a belly dancer? Or a gypsy? Either way, Ksana’s variation on Mileena is creative and well done. Despite the softened color, the assassin is still ready to strike at any moment.

16- AsherWarr

Mileena Asher Warr

Asher Warr Mileena cosplay

Cosplay by Asher Warr 

AsherWarr’s cosplay looks so good, these pics could pass for an in-game render. She definitely embodies the darkness that encompasses Mileena when we first see her.

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