The 20 Best Azura Cosplays We've Ever Seen (Fire Emblem)

Azura Cosplays.
No matter the path you choose she'll be by your side.

This songstress feels like she could vanish at any moment so don't take your eyes off of her.

From Nintendo’s 2016 strategy game, Fire Emblem Fates, the divine songstress Azura charms her audience in more ways than one. She’s the closest ally of the main character/avatar, Corrin, and will follow the player down the path they choose. Raised in the kingdom of Hoshido, her design is the very definition of elegance. Check out the 20 most gorgeous cosplays that show Azura’s appeal.  

20 - Wonderlandtrash

This lovely lady encourages allies during battle. However, musical notes aren’t the only things this songstress can hit.

Cosplay by Wonderlandtrash

19 - xXSnowFrostXx

Around water, Azura is in her element, like a swan spreading its wings. She takes what her mother has taught her to entertain people.

Cosplay by xXSnowFrostXx

18 - Gurl With Red Hair

Now, this dark songstress seems to be putting on a mysterious performance.

Cosplay by Gurl With Red Hair, Photo 2

17 - EmberTay

Azura being the hard-working person she is practicing her dancing in secret. However, if someone comes uninvited the claws come out.

Cosplay by EmberTay

16 - Silver Sheep Cosplay

A particular family member seems to be asking Azura for fashion advice, but I guess being family they’re comfortable with asking for tips.  

Cosplay by Jake

15 - TigerRose

Azura is your ally no matter what you choose, but her performance attire may change. No matter the path her dance charms all.

Cosplay by Tora

14 - TraumaticCandy

A girl who loves nature but also likes to be alone with her thoughts. She manages to stay calm because of such relaxing hobbies.

Cosplay by TraumaticCandy

13 - UzamakiRamen-chan

She seems happy enough to sing a song for once, outside of battle. She's intent on putting her vocal cords to good use in front of her audience. 

Cosplay by UzumakiRamen-chan

12 - CrashQueenBaby

A dancer must know how to engage their audience so she can't be stiff on stage. To entertain is something she was born to do.

Cosplay by CrashQueenBaby

11 - Au-Faun

As she sings of conquest, her powers start to gain strength. Her necklace is being put to use for a more sinister performance.

Cosplay by Au-Faun

10 - Marth Cosplay

She's always had a tense relationship with her Hoshidan sibling Takumi, but she hopes to win his favor someday.

Cosplay by Marth Cosplay

9 - Linnlovegood

A mysterious dancer gets ready backstage to deliver the performance of her life. A cute girl like her won't have a problem captivating the crowd.

Cosplay by Linnlovegood

8 - Yusuna-chan

Whether it's enjoying some alone time singing by a lake or preparing her dance routine, she still manages to look beautiful.

Cosplay by Yusuna-chan

7 - Eroine-Siderius

Thinking of song lyrics perhaps? Maybe, she'll confide in the members of the army for tips.

Cosplay by Eroine-Siderius

6 - Lunnaya Nadeida

Fighting takes its toll on someone's health, so she has to find time to unwind and connect with her siblings. These moments of peace are something she values dearly.

Cosplay by Lunnaya Nadeida

5 - Licherrih

She seems to be waiting for the youngest princess of Nohr. Azura's sure to give her an earful for making her wait so much.

Cosplay by Licherrih, Photo 2

4 - Lyddar

The necklace passed down to her by her mother hides a mysterious power. It feels like it could have a cleansing type of energy.

Cosplay by Lyddar

3 - Hannah

Where does her lonely expression come from? While she's polite to the army, it feels like she's holding some sort of secret.

Cosplay by Hannah

2 - Tinu Viel

As she sings the verse "Embrace the dark, you call a home" she stands by Corrin's decision to side with Nohr. She'll do anything to help Corrin stop the war.

Cosplay by Tinu Viel

1 - Calssara

Even when lost in her thoughts her beauty is a sight to behold. It's as if she could vanish into a different world at any moment.

Cosplay by Calssara

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