Top 50 Best Fire Emblem Cosplays We've Ever Seen

best Fire Emblem Cosplays
The ladies of Fire Emblem throughout various universes never fail to shine.

If people cosplaying beautiful ladies is your thing then you're in for a treat.

The Fire Emblem series is the home of many amazing female characters. It doesn't come as a surprise that people would find it so much fun dressing up as these girls. Of course, their appearance isn't the only thing fans find beautiful about them. We have to take a look at the top 50 female Fire Emblem cosplays. Let's appreciate the work the fans put into bringing these ladies to life.

50 – Tiny Titania

Fire Emblem Fates’ Nohrian border guard, Charlotte, is the very definition of a gold digger. Her personality pulls a 180 when money’s involved.

Cosplay by Tiny Titania

49 – sealilyx

Fire Emblem Awakening's Tharja and Tiki are both working towards helping Robin save the continent.

Cosplay by sealilyx

48 – Yaya Han

The devoted big sister of Nohr is back to face off against her rival once again.

Cosplay by Yaya Han

47 - Dan Seiter

Awakening's Olivia loves getting some alone time before she puts on her shows.

Photograph by Dan Seiter

Cosplay by kitcat cosplay

46 - Tinu-Viel

Azura is looking tired after her performances and Felicia feels the need to take breaks after cleaning laundry? Is Corrin working them too hard?

Cosplay by Tinu-Viel

45 – LeikoYumeCosplay

Fire Emblem Awakening’s Lucina takes up her sword to defeat the monsters threatening her land.

Cosplay by LeikoYumeCosplay

44 – KardeCosplay

The fox race from Fire Emblem Fates, Selkie, is relaxing with family.

Cosplay by KardeCosplay

43 - Zaziki 7

Fire Emblem Fates' Hinoka is energized and ready to fight!

Cosplay by Zaziki 7

42 – princessrabbits

Both Tiki and Olivia from Fire Emblem Awakening never forget to enjoy nature every once in a while.

Cosplay by princessrabbits

41 – Calssara

Fire Emblem Awakening has Tharja who’s a creepy lady, and then we have Sumia who’s such a sweet girl. Such a difference in personalities when it comes to the people Chrom recruits.

Cosplay by Calssara

40 – Kumashiro

Awakening’s Lucina and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadow of Valentia’s Celica are royals ready to protect what's important to them.  

Cosplay by Kumashiro

39 - Bibi Cosplay

Panne is a Taguel, an animal race from Fire Emblem Awakening that distrusts humans.  

Cosplay by Bibi Cosplay

38 - redstring184

Sakura, from Fire Emblem Fates, is a sweet girl who wishes to be by Corrin's side forever.

Cosplay by redstring184

37 – Kashoute

Sakura is wearing her mother's attire out of respect for her. She's going to contribute all she can to end the war for everyone.

Cosplay by Kashoute

36 – beethy

It seems Tharja is ready to put on a show for her man Robin, well in her head Robin’s her man.

Cosplay by beethy

35 – Maleia

Awakening's female Robin is always ready to tip the scales in her army's favor.

Cosplay by Maleia

34 - tara saboten

Shy Olivia still has obstacles to overcome when it comes to talking with new people.

Cosplay by tara saboten

33 – mariberryu

Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn's Micaiah is ready to lead the Dawn Brigade to victory.

Cosplay by mariberryu

32 - remmie19

Fire Emblem Heroes' Veronica looks ready to conquer as opposed to Sakura's pacifist nature.

Cosplay by remmie19

31 - Jozo-Dono

Panne seems to be hunting for her next prey, pray it isn't you.

Cosplay by Jozo-Dono

30 - Elehal Cosplay

Lucina is ready to fight, in the name of peace, to change a terrible future.

Cosplay by Elehal Cosplay

29 - Aelynn’s Cosplay

Tharja seems to want Robin's attention again, but Charlotte doesn't seem to care who gives her attention.

Cosplay by Aelynn's Cosplay

28 – Demoiselle

Rinea, from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, seems to be wondering if there's a way to convince her fiancé, Berkut, of her undying love.

Cosplay by Demoiselle

27 - Puns and Needles Cosplay

Sully from Fire Emblem Awakening is ready to come to Chrom's rescue, as always. Speaking of saving, Rinkah from Fire Emblem Fates did rescue Corrin that one time.

Cosplay by Puns and Needles Cosplay

26 - Rei-Suzuki

Lucina is persistent when it comes to honing her sword skills. She even spars with Chrom when she has free time.

Cosplay by Rei-Suzuki

25 – Nikasparkle

Tharja seems to be experimenting with her spells again. For Robin's sake, I hope she isn't working on a love spell.

Cosplay by Nikasparkle

24 – KiraHokuten

Fire Emblem Fates' cute cinnamon roll Elise is going to kill enemies with cuteness while healing her allies on the battlefield.

Cosplay by KiraHokuten

23 – Rubyfia

When female Corrin from Fates chooses to embrace the dark and joins Nohr, she ends up enjoying reading more than before. Her brother, Leo, has been teaching her many things.

Cosplay by Rubyfia

22 – ludustonalis

Fire Emblem Fates' Queen Mikoto rules over the kingdom of Hoshido with her family by her side.

Cosplay by ludustonalis

21 - srcircusdoll

From Awakening, Chrom's little sister Lissa is here to mend your wounds.

Cosplay by srcircusdoll

20 – carlettecosplay

Ninian from Fire Emblem Blazing Blade is a mysterious dancer who aids the protagonist, Eliwood, on his adventure.

Cosplay by carlettecosplay

19 - Cheebang Bang

Cherche from Awakening works as Virion's attendant. She's as fierce as she is sweet.

Cosplay by Cheebang Bang

18 – kazeplay

From Fire Emblem Fates, we have the lovely Velouria who seems to be enjoying the fresh air.

Cosplay by kazeplay

17 – Eilora

The protagonist of Fire Emblem Fates, Corrin, stands tall with her mythical Yato blade.

Cosplay by Eilora

16 - jerry6980

Tharja is thinking of the best way to stalk Robin without him noticing.

Cosplay by jerry6980

15 – trishnoff

When she's not stalking Robin, she's working on her spells so she can better support him in battle.

Cosplay by trishnoff

14 - Garnet90

Olivia's Fire Emblem Heroes summer outfit brings out her beauty in spades.

Cosplay by Garnet90

13 – Zilai

A villain from Awakening, Aversa, charms people with a dangerous kind of beauty.

Cosplay by Zilai, Photo 2

12 - Ri Care

With Corrin's cuteness, it's no wonder the Nohrian royal family showers her with attention.

Cosplay by Ri Care

11 – Itsuka

Severa, from Awakening, gets needy so her mom will hang out with her for a change.

Cosplay by Itsuka

10 – Havenaims

Panne charms people with her exotic beauty after a successful hunt.

Cosplay by Havenaims

9 - MilkyPamyuPamyu

Sumia is as sweet and kind as she always is. Maybe with enough effort, Chrom will notice her.

Cosplay by MilkyPamyuPamyu

8 – CrystalPanda

Cordelia, from Awakening, is the closest thing to a perfect woman. She's excellent at almost everything she does except love.

Cosplay by CrystalPanda

7 – KaoYoruse

Rinkah, daughter of the fire tribe chief, comes from Fates and is ready to smash heads.

Cosplay by KaoYoruse

6 – akathays

From the Blazing Blade, Lyn enters the battlefield to cut her enemies down.

Cosplay by akathays

5 - jillian-lynn

Sully is training as she always does, but with her competition she needs to grow even stronger.

Cosplay by jillian-lynn

4 – DariaAmbrosia

Nowi, a dragon from Awakening, brightens everyone's day with her optimism.

Cosplay by DariaAmbrosia

3 – Yashutafun

Setsuna is Hinoka's retainer who ends up falling into pits most of the time, but she's as loyal as it gets.

Cosplay by Yashutafun

2 – YamaCos

Lucina is determined to defend Chrom's older sister to guarantee a better future.

Cosplay by YamaCos

1 - Zerggie Stardust

As we’re finishing off, from Fire Emblem Fates, we have Peri who looks like she’s finished off something herself.

Cosplay by Zerggie Stardust, Facebook

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