Top 10 Ultimate Best FPS Games to Play in 2019

best fps games
Popular FPS "Rainbow Six Siege"

In the modern era of gaming, theres a growingly vast number of games to choose from. No matter what type of shooter you play, this list has something for you. It branches across all major platforms including PC, PS4 and Xbox. With that in mind, let’s jump right in, here’s the top ten must play FPS games in 2019!

10. Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov pre-release gameplay

The war in the Norvisk region continues to grow more and more complicated with each passing hour. The city is in a panic and much of the local population has fled the city. Those who stayed behind walk all over each other in an attempt at survival. Amidst the chaos, savages known as “Scavs” have divvied up the city as they see fit. You experience the game from the viewpoint of one of the mercenaries who survived the initial conflict, and you must choose which side you support: the USEC or BEAR. You must escape a city in total chaos and blocked off by the UN and Russian military. Supplies are cut off, communication with command is lost, you must make choices on your own to escape the city. Make sure you make the right choices - your survival depends on it.

Why is this the game to play in 2019?

  • Get some friends or fly solo to complete story driven raids
  • Truly feel your character by tracking hydration, blood pressure, etc.
  • An advanced weapon modding system that gives you ultimate destructive freedom
  • Absolutely no rules – every man for themselves

Some gameplay from Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov offers HD 4K graphics along with graphics card melting framerates


12 Minutes of SCUM gameplay

The world has an intense thirst for “alternative” entertainment and has turned its eyes and ears towards bloodlust. Entertainment sensation TEC1 is set to premiere season 2 of its hit show SCUM, a survival contest taking place on TEC1’s very own SCUM island. Prisoners to the island clash in a ruthless war of survival to please fans, producers and sponsors in order to get the chance for a lavish lifestyle after the island. SCUM evolves multiplayer and combines it with open-world survival, combining all that with a premium on player expression. SCUM expertly combines intense story action and fun filled PvP into one survival game.

Why is this the game to play in 2019?

  • Takes a unique story concept and improves on it
  • Complex simulation that gives players a very diverse PvP experience
  • Ultimate player control – players can control their characters metabolism, movement and even how fast clothes dry
  • Incorporates stealth and quick thinking for a sneaky and intense experience

Survive on your own or in a group of friends

SCUM places a premium on player expression and gives you almost total control of your character

8. Insurgency: Sandstorm

5 minutes of Insurgency: Sandstorm gameplay from IGN

 A team based, tactical FPS game that focuses on close quarters combat and objective play. A sequel to FPS Insurgency, only improved in every measurable way. Move with caution and push through the war-torn Middle East. Death awaits you at every corner and ammunition is in short supply, so move with a purpose and pick your battles wisely. Prepare yourself for an intense depiction of war with deadly weapons, light attack vehicles and destructive artillery. All this paired with 4K graphics and HDR audio creates one of the most realistic FPS experiences to date.

Why is this the game to play in 2019?

  • Customize your character to show the noobs what vets look like
  • Built on Unreal engine 4 to bring the game to life
  • Voice channel for ultimate team play opportunities
  • Ability to broadcast and record gameplay to track those epic trick shots

Fight with friends or fly solo in this war

Pair together with your fellow marines and fight against light machine vehicles

 7. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus Gameplay

This is one of my personal favorites, I pre-ordered this one and I am can’t wait for its release. After the world was devasted by the Apocalypse in 2013, survivors took refuge in underground Moscow. Your character, Artyom, was born just before the fire but was raised I the Underground. Against constant threat, the remnants of humanity are fighting each other for control.

Among all these threats, you quickly realize you need a new home for you and your journeymen, and you must travel across post-apocalyptic Russia to find it. Danger awaits your group at every turn and you simply don’t know what to expect. Given the alternative, it’s a risk you must take. Humanity depends on it.

Why is this the game to play in 2019?

  • Very rich story that spans years of time
  • New weapons such as the Helsing crossbow and Tikhar pneumatic gun
  • Mix of intense story-telling and classic Metro style gameplay
  • Lots of new features in the game that haven’t been revealed yet – stay tuned!

Every journey to the outside doses you with more radiation, you must find a new home before it’s too late

Travel your way through war torn Russia I search of a new home

6. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Launch gameplay trailer

 Enjoy gritty, tough, and fluid multiplayer matchmaking in the latest edition of Call of Duty. Featuring a massive offering of Zombies and three new undead adventures, and Blackout, Black Ops comes to life in an enormous battle royale. With fluid, 4K resolution, butter-smooth framerates and unparalleled PC support, this may be the most robust Call of Duty release to date. Console and PC players alike will be able to enjoy this amazing game.

Why is this the game to play in 2019?

  • Enjoy that classic Call of Duty experience on PC
  • Massive offering of Zombies gameplay
  • Intense multiplayer gameplay with a focus on team play
  • New battle royale game mode - Blackout

Iconic map “Nuketown”, re-imagined and updated

Black Ops 4 also features a Fortnite style Battle Royale mode

5. Arma 3

Arma 3 Mission 1 Infantry gameplay

Realistic gameplay in a massive military-esque sandbox. Includes a wide variety of content, over 20 vehicles and 40 weapons with limitless opportunities for destruction. Attack on foot, drive armored war vehicles, customize loadouts, whatever it takes to win. Follow the story of Ben Karry in three episodes: Survive, Adapt, Win. Sign up for Arma 3 bootcamp. Enjoy maximum diversity in a military FPS game that offers maximum creative power.

Why is this the game to play in 2019?

  • Fight on the ground or on foot with upwards of 40 new weapons and vehicles
  • Create your own content with Arma 3’s modding tools
  • Squad up with your friends and play all the unofficial game modes offered to you
  • Enjoy a revamped engine with fluid animations and a massive sandbox

Fight against vehicle convoys to survive

Enjoy a vast amount of map content and different phases of war

4. Hunt: Showdown

12 minutes of Hunt: Showdown gameplay with developer commentary

Fight your way through hoards of nightmarish monsters that roam the Louisiana swamps. Your part of a group of bounty hunters that’re determined to rid the world of these horrific creatures. In doing so, you’ll be paid handsomely, and you can dedicate every dime you earn into reserves of more powerful and deadly weapons. Your experience lies in your pool of hunters, or your Bloodline, and you must impress. Enjoy a mix of PvP and PvE to create a uniquely tense and hardcore experience, transfer your skills beyond death to your next of kin. Make sure you use your skills wisely, or you’ll very quickly be killed or betrayed by a rival group fighting for your prize.

Why is this the game to play in 2019?

  • Provides a nice mix of PvP and PvE
  • Unmatched player progression system in play and maintain multiple characters
  • Very little risk of losing gear, everything is transferred through the bloodline
  • Enjoy the new Dark Sight feature – see any and all threats around you

Enjoy plenty of freedom in this wild west style FPS game

Learn new skills and defeat new enemies to transfer gear through your Bloodline

3. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

15 minutes of Rainbow Six Siege gameplay

Use gadgets to create havoc in Rainbow Six Siege. Face close quarters combat, max-lethality, quick decision making, and intense team play action around every turn. Experience firefights like no other and implement strategies born from the entire history of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six games.

Why is this the game to play in 2019?

  • Enjoy epic close quarters combat and tactical decision making
  • Take advantage of all the new weapons and gadgets availed to you
  • Continuously evolve your character and change strategies to get the win
  • Enjoy a highly competitive game with a mix of fun thrown in

Be quick on your feet and use gadgets to help you win games

Experience intense close quarters combat and quick tactical decision making in Rainbow Six Siege

2.  DOOM Eternal

 Doom Eternal is the upcoming sequel to the reboot of Doom made in 2016. You return as the silent, unnamed marine in the iconic Doom power armor after fighting the onslaught of demonic creatures on Mars and being transported to parts unknown. You find your way to Earth only to find out it’s become Hell on Earth; The Legions of Hell have invaded and almost wiped out humanity. It is your responsibility to protect what’s left of humanity in only the most Doom fashion ever: with chainsaws, guns, and your bare hands.

You must wipe out every demon in your path while using new weapons like the Ballista and the Crucible. You will face new enemies like the Doomhunter and Marauder along with all the old classics like the Arch-Viles, Pain elementals and Arachnatrons. Never resting. Never Stopping. Ravenous. Eternal. Can you save humanity?

Why is this the game to play in 2019?

  • Rich and intense story that goes back decades
  • Other players can invade your game through Doom souls
  • New weapons and features to maximize destructive power
  • A new arcade mode so you can hone your skills and maximize your high score

DOOM Eternal also includes a new arcade mode

The iconic DOOM power armor, in updated 4K graphics. Sexy, huh?

 1. Rage 2

Rage 2 gameplay trailer from Bethesda Softworks

 Rage takes place in a post-apocalyptic future following the impact of asteroid 99942 Apophis. In the first game you play as Nicholas Rane, a soldier who has just awoken from hibernation in an underground facility. Rage 2 bounces off the story told in the first game, but it takes place 30 years after the events that took place in Rage 1. You play as an entirely new character named Walker with a new backstory and development.

Walker routinely mentions the events that happen in the first game to help the newbies learn the story aspects of the game. Rage 2 is the perfect game for new comers to the story, while still pleasing the veterans.

Why is this the game to play in 2019?

  • Lots of character development and freedom
  • Fast paced story with high-flying ass kicking action
  • Take advantage of unique vehicles for epic vehicular combat
  • Fight with friends and run and gun or fight solo and stealthy

Rage 2 places a high-priority on player expression, your character is whatever you imagine it to be


Players will be able to attack vehicle convoys in Rage 2


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