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Best Kitana Cosplay
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When you're royalty, family can get... complicated.

Kitana Cosplays for Every Fan

Princess Kitana of Edenia has come a long way from being Shao Khan’s assassin and stepdaughter. At 10,000 years old, she has seen much war and bloodshed between the realms. Since she’s an integral part of the Mortal Kombat story, she’s been featured in every game since Mortal Kombat II. Her various warrior outfits have inspired some amazing cosplays. Here are 30 of our favorites in no particular order.

30- Khainsaw

Khainsaw Kitana cosplay

Khainsaw Kitana cosplay

Cosplay by Khainsaw

The revival of Mortal Kombat in 2011 brought us this fabulous gem of an outfit for Kitana. The tiara keeps the princess classy and the fan blades feature the finest silver.

29-Ana Paula

Ana Paula Jil Kitana

Ana Paula Jil Kitana cosplay

Cosplay by Ana Paula

The beauty of Mortal Kombat is in how you could face a fight to the death anywhere, anytime.

28- Candy Cosplays

Candy Cosplays Kitana Mortal Kombat

Kitana cosplay mortal kombat

Cosplay by Candy Cosplays 

Retro gamers eat your heart out. This klassic Kitana will Fan Lift you right off your feet. Flawless victory!


Aretasan cosplays Kitana

Aretasan cosplay Kitana

Cosplay by Aretasan 

Princess Kitana is so beautiful and poised. She wouldn’t hurt a fly. Right?... Right?!

26- Mowky Cosplay

Mowky Cosplay Kitana

Mowky Mortal Kombat

Cosplay by Mowky Cosplay 

Kitana’s MKX outfit is by far one of her most elaborate to date. She is clearly ready to fight for Edenia and take back her stolen throne.

25-Zyunka Mukhina

Zyunka Mukhina Kitana

Zyunka Mukhina cosplay Kitana

Cosplay by Zyunka Mukhina

We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. And right now we’re not sure which one we’d like better.

24- Jakuri-nu

Jakuri-Nu cosplay Kitana

Jakuri-Nu Princess Kitana

Cosplay by Jakuri-nu

Kitana’s training keeps her in tip-top shape. We keep forgetting she’s over 10,000 years old.

23-Yuriko Akiyama

Yuriko Akiyama cosplay Kitana

Yuriko Akiyama cosplays Mortal Kombat

Cosplay by Yuriko Akiyama 

We always looked at Shao Khan’s daughter and were thankful she didn’t look anything like him. Then we found out he killed her father and stole her and her mother and things made a lot more sense.

22- Lana Marie

Lana Marie cosplay Kitana

Lana Marie Kitana cosplay

Cosplay by Lana Marie 

If Kitana’s in the Living Forest, we have to assume she’s looking for or hiding from her friend and guardian Jade.

21- AGflower

AGflower cosplays Kitana

AGflower Kitana cosplay

Cosplay by AGflower 

AGflower could’ve stepped right out of an Xbox and we’d never know. Somebody has gone all Weird Science on Kitana.

20- Luna Gabriella

Luna Gabriella Kitana

Luna Gabriella cosplay Kitana

Cosplay by Luna Gabriella 

You have to feel some nostalgia seeing Kitana’s beginnings. Simple, beautiful, and deadly.

19-Yaya Han

Yaya Han cosplays Kitana

Mortal Kombat Yaya Han

Cosplay by Yaya Han 

Is there any cosplay Yaya can’t rock? She totally killed this complex look. You WILL learn respect!

18- Nemu

Nemu Kitana cosplay

Nemu cosplays Princess  Kitana

Cosplay by Nemu 

The glittery finish of the fabric on this cosplay really makes Nemu look princess fancy. Obviously, she’ll still gut your insides with the fanblades.

17- Himekaye Cosplay

Himekaye cosplay Mortal Kombat

Himekaye cosplay Kitana

Cosplay by Himekaye Cosplay 

We imagine Edenia as a vibrant and flourishing realm. At least, before Shao Khan got his hands on it. But Kitana is determined to restore it’s former glory!

16- Sophie Valentine

Sophie Valentine Kitana

sophie Valentine Kitana's castle

Cosplay by Sophie Valentine

Have we ever seen Kitana’s castle? Somebody research this. Otherwise we’re just going to accept Sophie Valentine’s gorgeous backdrops as canon.

15- Kira86

Kira86 is Kitana

Kira86 cosplay Kitana

Cosplay by Kira86 

The princess practices to sit on her reclaimed throne. The royal portrait has to show her good side.

14-Dark Tifa Strife

Dark Tifa Strife cosplay Kitana

Dark Tifa Strife Kitana

Cosplay by Dark Tifa Strife 

Kitana’s alternate costume is not often chosen for cosplays. Dark Tifa makes it look amazing, so now we wonder why there aren’t more of these? This Kitana is a definitely heartbreaker.

13- Thelema Therion

Thelema Therion Kitana

Thelema Therion cosplay Kitana

Cosplay by Thelema Therion 

Blood-stained Kitana leaves the kombat arena to take a brief rest before her next fight. Even the earrings could kill you.

12- Mikela-Frost

Mikela Frost cosplay

Mikela Frost cosplay Kitana

Cosplay by Mikela-Frost 

Did you guys know that at one point, Kitana proposed to Liu Kang and he turned her down? How Sway!?

11- Miss Sinister Cosplay

Miss Sinister

Miss Sinister cosplay Kitana

Cosplay by Miss Sinister Cosplay 

We don’t know if the spatter is sweat, or blood, but it’s clear that she is battle-worn and victorious.

10- Miss Gidget

Miss Gidget cosplay Kitana

Miss Gidget cosplay Kitana

Cosplay by Miss Gidget 

The assassin princess looks svelte, but within that lithe frame are some strong muscles.

9- Kittykat27

Kittykat27 cosplay Kitana

Kittykat27 Kitana

Cosplay by Kittykat27 

We can haz abs like that? Please, kittykat27?

8- JuTsukino

JuTsukino Kitana cosplay

Ju Tsukino cosplay Kitana

Cosplay by Ju Tsukino 

You can feel that fan blade coming at you! For the love of the Elder Gods, duck!

7- Jaycee Cosplay

Jaycee cosplays Kitana

Jaycee cosplay Kitana

Cosplay by Jaycee Cosplay 

Jaycee can be all the Kitanas. There is nothing wrong with that. This Kitana can Fan Throw me all day.

6- Cynthia Cos

Cynthia Cosplay Kitana

Cynthia Cos Kitana cosplay

Cosplay by Cynthia Cos 

“You WILL learn respect!” - Kitana’s battle cry

5- Lanieball

Lanieball cosplay

Lanieball cosplay Kitana

Cosplay by Lanieball 

A future queen must always be ready to defend her crown.

4- Lady Kaylee

Lady Kaylee Kitana cosplay

Lady Kaylee cosplay Kitana

Cosplay by Lady Kaylee 

Maybe, just maybe, she’s got a smile for you under that mask.

3- Laura Crystal

Laura Crystal cosplay Kitana

Laura Crystal Kitana cosplay

Cosplay by Laura Crystal 

Once Kitana has beaten you for a second round, the rest of the world fades away. And there is only her and whatever fatality she chooses to use on you.

2-Dayna Baby Lou

Dayna Baby Lou cosplay Kitana

Dayna Baby Lou Kitana cosplay

Cosplay by Dayna Baby Lou

This artistic take on Kitana is very warrior princess-meets- greek goddess. We are here for it.

1- KimChi Cosplay

KimChi cosplay Kitana

KimChi cosplay Mortal Kombat

Cosplay by Kimchi Cosplay 

We aren’t entirely sure, but we suspect Kitana may have joined a biker gang. We also suspect she’s been influenced by the Lin Kuei clan.

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