Top 3 DBFZ Best Controllers (Unleash Explosive Combos Easily)

DBFZ Best Controllers
That's a good looking controller.

What Are The Best DBFZ Controllers?

If DBFZ is your first fighting game (or at least the first one you’re taking seriously), you’ve probably stumbled upon the fact that pro players use all sorts of different controllers. What controller would be best for you, on the other hand, may not be the same as what your favorite pro is using and actually finding a controller can be a bit of a challenge. So, to give you a better understanding of your options, I’m going to go over three different controllers commonly used in high-level play.

3. Pad Warrior: Hori Fighting Commander (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

The one having an identity crisis.

The Hori Fighting Commander is for those who want the benefits of an arcade stick with the familiarity of a standard pad all wrapped up into one controller (give or take a few benefits). The Commander was originally made with Street Fighter in mind (hence the six buttons on the face), but it also works well with Dragon Ball since it still has an eight-button setup—six on the face and two shoulders. 
The design and grip of the controller focus on the D-pad, having removed the analog completely, so it should be more comfortable for you to operate when playing DBFZ or any other fighting game. The best part is, it’s cheaper than the two controllers on this list. It costs about 40 dollars on Amazon.

2. The Default: Standard PS4 or Xbox One Controller.

The basic "B" of the group.

Well, this is a surprise, right? One of the best controllers for this game just happens to be one you’re probably already using? Well…yes. 

DBFZ is designed to allow new players to get comfortable rather quickly, and one of the ways it accomplishes that is by being easily playable on the default controller. Most if not everyone is familiar with this “pad.” You can map all eight main commands to your face and shoulder buttons, and you can use the D-pad over the analog stick for smoother inputs. Newer PS4 controllers can even have their input delay mitigated when plugged into the system with a USB. 

If for whatever reason this controller isn't cutting it for you--maybe because it's too cramped or because it hurts your thumbs--the next controller might be for you.

New default controllers cost a little over 47 dollars on Amazon.

1. The Porsche: Razer Panthera (PS4, PS3, PC)

The cool one of the group.

I’m just going to go ahead and tell you that having a stick will not make you a fighting-game god. It has pros and cons like any other controller. However, it is the best alternative to the pad, and the Panthera happens to be one of the more popular options.

Players pick sticks up for a number of reasons. For one, they’re aesthetically superior since they can be customized to look however you want. Secondly, they use arcade-grade (Sanwa Denshi) buttons that have just the right amount of sensitivity. The controller is also wide, offers a lot of hand-room, and has all eight input buttons on the face, making it easy to pull off combos and other commands while in the heat of the moment. On the other hand, sticks are large objects, so if you have smaller hands, the default pad or the next controller would be better for you.

You should also take into account that unless you were an arcade gamer back in the day, it’s going to take some time for you to get used to the switch from the standard controller to the arcade stick. Also, sticks are a serious investment, so unless you have money to blow, you should really think it through before buying one.

Pantheras cost around 200 dollars.

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