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Want To Earn Zeni Fast in DBFZ?

Money makes the world go round, and in the case of Dragonball FighterZ it unlocks skins and customization options. Called Zeni, it is used to buy Z Capsules. Every character has six unlockable colors (seven if you count the Halloween ones) with the Z Capsules being the only way to unlock them. They can also give you titles and lobby characters. There’s a lot to unlock in DBFZ through zeni, but that begs the question of which is the best way to get zeni?

Playing through the Story Mode

At least you get to see a lot of prime waifu material.

This is a relatively easy way to earn a lot of zeni, giving you a hefty 200,000 at minimum assuming you play through everything. While the story mode is kind of infamous for being a bit of slog, it does reward you with a lot of zeni to dump. You will have to complete the story mode in order to unlock hard mode, which is needed for the optimal way to farm zeni.

Victory Zeni Up Farm

As lifeless as the actual story.

This is widely considered to be the best way to farm out zeni, despite the tediousness of it. It does require you to beat the story mode to unlock hard difficulty, and then make it all the way to the third arc again. You will want to get the Victory Zeni Up Level 6 skill three times, which is gotten in Chapter 8 Map 15 (Map 13 also works) as well as two teams (one will be fodder, the other you will use for the farming itself). After that:


  • Step 1: Return to Chapter 8 Map 15 (or 13)
  • Step 2: Reduce the enemy team’s health as low as you can get it
  • Step 3: Let your opponent beat you
  • Step 4: Pick your new team and move left and right leaving only two turns left
  • Step 5: Manually save your game
  • Step 6: Fight the enemy with three Victory Zeni Up Level 6 equipped
  • Step 7: Win and get your zeni
  • Step 8: Quit out without saving
  • Step 9: Repeat steps 6-9

Just Playing the Game!

Now that's more like it. 

Dragonball FighterZ is nice in the fact it rewards you for playing basically any of the modes. If you want to play through the arcade, you’ll get a nice bit of zeni. You can also complete the daily quests the game assigns to you for some easy zeni gains. If you’re someone who is only interested in fighting others and not spending the time to force yourself through the story mode, online and local battles also reward zeni. If you’re just trying to climb up on the rank ladder, you’ll find yourself pocketing a hefty amount of zeni during your grind upwards.

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