[Top 10] Destiny 2 Best PvP Weapons

best Destiny 2 PvP Weapons
Conquer the Crucible with the best weapons in the game (or just keep flailing about like usual).

Top 10 Destiny 2 PvP Weapons

Want to be the best at landing headshots in Destiny 2? How about at sniping enemies from across the field? Well, we have all of that covered and more with our list of the Top 10 Best Destiny 2 PvP Weapons. Destiny 2 offers a competitive gameplay experience like no other. I don’t need to tell you that, you’re a player of sophistication, a lion amongst lambs. When it comes to the Crucible, you’re out for blood. But Destiny 2’s recent Warmind expansion has upped the stakes, and you need to know how to keep one step ahead of your foes. Which weapons should you use to take your fireteam to the next level? I’m here to help you figure that out with the top 10 PVP weapons in Destiny 2 right now.

10. Sleeper Simulant Linear Fusion Rifle 

Nighty night.

If you haven’t done the Heroic Strike grind to get the Sleeper Simulant, I can’t blame you, but I can pity you. Imagine walking through the Crucible, bringing this fantastic piece of destruction with you. Imagine the look of fear in your enemy’s eye as you blast not only through their shields, but through them, but through their teammates behind them as well. The Dornoschen perk is what sets this Linear Fusion Rifle apart. It rips through shields and bodies, and one shots on body shots. It also has great accuracy, if you know what you’re doing, so you can pretty reliably hit mid and close-range shots. And, unlike rocket launchers, which are only given one piece of power ammo per pickup on account of their one shot-ing abilities, Sleeper Simulant gets two. The real treat is what it does to enemy guardians using their supers. It shuts them down. Don’t sleep on this weapon.

9. Positive Outlook Auto Rifle

Look on the bright side.

Fans debate between Positive Outlook and Uriel’s Gift, but ultimately Positive Outlook is the better choice. Why? Because of the range. It has mid-range capabilities out the wazoo, and with the Transmission MS7 perk turned on, you can even strafe some of your sniper foes. Auto Rifles shouldn’t have that sort of reach, but just like momma said, having a Positive Outlook can open up a lot of opportunities. What really sets Positive Outlook apart from Uriel’s Gift is the Kill Clip perk, which increases its damage if you reload after a kill. Take out an enemy sniper, reload, and blast away at a rampaging Titan. Heck, you could even take out that Titan’s super, if you want it enough. A little optimism never hurt anybody. With its adequate handling and reload speed, as well as its relatively high impact rounds, this weapon is  a blast to use. The happy-go-lucky and the down-and-out alike would do well to follow Positive Outlook’s example.  

8. Last Hope Sidearm 

It’s all over but the cryin’.

This Legendary sidearm is built to punish. Hand it off to your Hunter and let the double jump-jump shot do the talking. Give it to your Titan and plow through your opponents with deadly accurate fire. Put it in the loving hands of your Warlock and let them rain down unholy blasts of ricocheting projectiles. Your enemies won’t know what hit them when you rain fire on them. But you’ll know; it was their Last Hope. With a beefed up 530 rounds per minute after the Warmind update, this sidearm still manages to have one of the highest stabilities and recoil direction of any sidearm in the game. And that stability is even more impressive with the Zen Moment mod equipped. Last Hope’s high impact bullets will tear through any vestiges of faith your enemy might have in goodness. This is especially true if you’ve activated its ricochet ability, which adds damage to the bouncing shots. This is another short range option, and one that’ll make the dreams of the enemy Fireteam seem hopeless. It’s inevitable.

7. Crimson Hand Cannon

It’ll be a bloodbath.

You want this hand cannon in your arsenal. Before Warmind dropped, Crimson’s 3 round burst made it a very popular option in Destiny 2 PVP. Now? That quick fire ability means that Crimson is almost necessary. It performs like a hard hitting sidearm and it heals you while it does it. Don’t believe me? Well, just listen to this. Crimson’s Cruel Remedy perk makes you regain health on enemy kills while also refilling the magazine with precision shots. Like Last Hope, Warmind made some drastic changes to Crimson’s rate of fire. And, if that’s not enough, Crimson’s Catalyst bumps up its already impressive range, giving it both close and mid-range viability in PVP. Trust me. If you want to take your enemies on, go ahead and bloody them up with Crimson. There’s a reason why the Vanguard wants to keep it hidden: it’s nearly O.P.

6. Riskrunner Submachine Gun

It’s worth the Risk.

Want to feel like Tom Cruise in Risky Business? Well, now you can. I know what you’re asking yourself: Isn’t that just a gun to kill Fallen Captains? The answer, my wise friend, is not anymore. With Warmind came a host of upgrades to weapons already in your arsenal.  What used to be a handy weapon against arc opponents in PVE has become just as effective in PVP. The trick to elevating your game is the Arc Conductor perk. Arc Conductor overcharges Riskrunner’s damage when you’re hit by arc damage yourself, while at the same time limiting the arc damage you take, which means bye-bye to your Crucible enemies. Riskrunner adds shock damage and a chance to replenish your ammo after every kill. Combined with this submachine gun’s excellent handling and recoil direction, this is an excellent short to mid-range option. Did I mention that you can play pants-less, just like Tom Cruise? Risky Business indeed. Just don’t tell anyone. That might get weird. Oh, and no screen shots.

5.  Antiope-D Submachine Gun

More like Antelope-D, with a fire rate like that.

The Antiope-D has been a trusty standby ever since Destiny 2 released, and neither Warmind nor Patch 3.0 did much to change that. It’s still one of the best guns in PVP. Why? Because unlike other submachine guns, this one actually has some range and accuracy to it. Antiope-D performs more like an auto rifle than a submachine gun. With a fantastic 600 rounds per minute, the Antiope-D is already primed to make mincemeat of the opposition. But throw in Antiope-D’s fantastic range and this becomes a perfectly viable mid-range option. This is especially true with the Accurized Rounds perk equipped, though you’d be perfectly fine to use this in close-range situations with the Armor Piercing Rounds perk’s overcharged ammo. Either way, this is a great weapon for hairy situations because of the Kill Clip perk. Imagine unleashing a barrage into your opponents, accurately spraying them with a hail of gunfire, all while using a submachine gun. You’ll be the belle of the ball. Saddle up and gallop into battle on the Antiope-D train. You won’t regret it.

4. Suros Regime Auto Rifle

 It’s Suros-ly awesome.

Not only did Warmind upgrade some of vanilla Destiny 2’s standbys, it also heralded the return of a fan favorite from Destiny 1. The Suros Regime auto rifle caused Bungie to rethink its entire collection of auto rifles in Destiny 1, nerfing the whole lot of them instead of letting the Crucible continue to be the Suros party it had become. While Destiny 2 is in no danger of that, that doesn’t mean that Suros Regime isn’t still super fun to use. The big advantage of using this weapon is the Suros Legacy perk. With this perk, all ammo at the bottom half of the barrel does extra damage and has a chance to return health to your guardian on a kill. Combine that with the Spinning Up perk and you get an increased rate of fire, bumping Suros Legacy’s rounds per minute from an already stellar 600 to a 700+ per minute kill-fest. With a back of the barrel damage bonus and a faster rate of fire, this weapon makes light work of enemy guardians.

3. Vigilance Wing Pulse Rifle

Eyes up, Guardian.

There was an intense debate going on in my head as to whether to switch this and my number one weapon, but ultimately Vigilance Wing falls at number 3 because it’s a situational weapon. While it didn’t receive rave reviews, the Curse of Osiris expansion did have one amazing gift: the Vigilance Wing pulse rifle. Even after Warmind, this is still one of the most used weapons in PVP. Why? That would have to be Vigilance Wing’s ability to do a lot of damage without having to worry about landing all your shots. The Harsh Truths perk gives this pulse rifle a 5 round burst, all with a pretty significant impact. In just 2 to 3 shots, you can whittle an enemy down to nothing. Not only that, but it’s a great weapon for team play. Stay with your fellow guardians, and you get a boost to healing regeneration and movement speed should any of them die near you. Vigilance Wing also boosts up your damage with the Last Stand perk should you find yourself friendless after your team gets wiped out. Absolutely use this if your Fireteam has a pack mentality. You won’t regret it.

2. Better Devils Hand Cannon

 Better the Devil you know.

This is, hands down, the best hand cannon in the game. With a fantastic time to kill, a huge impact, and reliability in every other area, this weapon is a must. It performs well in close and mid-range encounters. And, like the description for Better Devils’s Adaptive Frame perk says, it is reliable and sturdy. In addition to handling like a dream, Better Devils also packs a punch with its Explosive Payload perk. Explosive Payload adds an area of effect explosion that’s great for taking on groups of players. Don’t sleep on that reload speed, either. It’ll catch your opponents off guard, and it could give you the upper hand in a one on one fight. So, if you want to get a jump on your enemies, strike a deal with this Devil.

1. Graviton Lance Pulse Rifle

“It’s a lance. Hello-o.”

Was there ever any other choice? It has to be the Graviton Lance. This is the number one weapon in PVP, and it’s hardly a debate. The Warmind update upped the power of this weapon so much that it would be a disgrace not to use it. What makes Graviton Lance so essential? That would be the Black Hole perk. Black Hole lets you fire a burst at enemies with a powerful second round punch. The first projectile in each burst acts as a tracer round, nicking the enemy just a bit. But then… wham! That second projectile comes in with increased damage and enemy recoil. If that doesn’t knock your enemy’s socks off, just wait until you hear about the Cosmology perk. Successful kills with the Graviton Lance cause the enemy to explode, unleashing a barrage of void projectiles in the area around it which can track down multiple nearby enemies and blow them out of the cosmos. If that seems unfair, understand that this is the number 1 most used weapon in Destiny 2 PVP right now. So someone else will be using Graviton Lance against you, even if you’re not using it against them. What sets Graviton Lance apart from Vigilance Wing is that unlike Vigilance Wing it is useful no matter the situation. You can run solo or in a pack with Graviton Lance. You can go for multiple enemies with Cosmology, or just the one with Black hole. Graviton Lance is versatile and deadly, and it should be equipped in your loadout.

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