Top 15 Fifa 19 Best Kits That Look Awesome

steven gerrard on EA's FIFA 19 icons kit
Ex- Liverpool Captain Steven Gerrard, on FIFA 19's Icons Kit

What Are The Best Kits in Fifa 19?

You might wonder why football kits are important enough to talk about, but would you like becoming a champion with your team wearing drab and boring looking kits?

If you’re planning on taking on your FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Weekend League, why not go into it with style? These are the top 15 team kits from across the world that’ll make your team look stylish… or at least stand out!


Napoli players on their Home jersey.

Serie A club Napoli are always a site to behold. Many great names having worn the blue and white including Diego Maradona, Edinson Cavani, and Gonzalo Higuain. They’re not a team to be taken lightly. The kit made by Kappa makes use of the now popular camouflage pattern and is animal themed.

Sky blue panther print of the Napoli Home jersey.

The Napoli Kit looks awesome because:

  • Napoli is a coastal city, thus the deep sea blue color which gives it a nice cool and cozy look.
  • The bottom half of the jersey has a hidden image of a roaring panther, while that of the Goalkeeper has an image of a venomous snake…now that’s just cool!


Ousmane Dembele, Coutinho, and Pique on Barcelona's 3rd/Alternative Jersey.

The Catalan Giants have always been a club all about culture and tradition. The 10 stripes on the Home jersey represent the 10 principal districts of the city, the shocking yellow of the Away kit represents a memorable 2005/2006 season and represents the clubs adventurous spirit. Just as well, the new Pink 3rd kit has its own significance.

Barcelona's pink jersey with the city's aerial view.

The Barcelona Kit looks awesome because:

  • The dark strip of pink shows a bird’s eye view of the beautiful city.
  • It’s pink! Simply put, pink is an underrated color in men’s football.


Radja Nianggolan wearing Inter's 3rd kit.

Internazionale are one of the most historic teams in the world, with so many legends the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Samuel E'too, Luis Figo, Crespo, Ronldo de Lima, and many more having past through at some point. The Inter 3rd kit for the 2018/2019 season is yet another kit made to represent a culture.

Inter Milan's 3rd kit jersey.

The Inter Milan Kit looks awesome because:

  • The jersey features a distorted map of the city of Milan, giving it a more attractive ‘swirly' look.
  • The cross on it represents the  St. George cross with an image of the city center and surroundings of the Duomo cathedral in the background.

12 . AS ROMA – 1ST KIT

AS Roma players with the Home kit.

Roma is an Italian club based in Rome, playing in the Serie A. Rome has always been one of the greatest cities in the world focused on cultural heritage, and the Roman team shows that legacy with their kit.

Chainmail design on AS Roma's Home jersey.

The Roma Kit looks awesome because:

  • The Jersey is patterned as homage to the ancient Roman warriors  armor patterned like a chainmail.
  • The badge shows an image of a she-wolf with two babies suckling, as an allude to Rome’s origins.


An in-game look at Lazio's Home Kit.

Lazio, the eternal city rivals of AS Roma whom they share a stadium with. Just as cultural as Roma is, Lazio are just as much a formidable team not to be taken lightly.

The eagle design for Lazio's Home jersey.

The Lazio Kit looks awesome because:

  • The sky blue and white colors are as a tribute to Greece as they both share so many similar cultures.
  • The eagle on the badge and front of the jersey shirt is as a symbol in acknowledgement of Zeus, the Greek god of the skies and thunder.


A green on green miracle by Real Betis.

Real Betis are a team from Seville, Spain, who play in the La Liga Santander. They are one of the few teams that actually pull off a good look with green on green kits. After switching over to Kappa, they came up with a new design for their Away kit.

Real Betis's dispersed triangles patterned Away jersey.

The Real Betis Kit looks awesome because:

  • The background dark green of the Jersey has a dispersion of smaller triangles starting from the club badge, giving the jersey a nice geometric design.
  • Seriously, it’s not easy pulling off a green on green look


CR7 takes the spotlight in Juve's Home kit.

Juventus have in recent times, claimed the right to be called the Best team in the Italian Serie A. Juve are also prided with the fact that the team has produced more players for the Italian National Team, than any other Italian club. Asides additions to an already talented team, the Old Ladies have also made changes to their home jersey/kit, which includes a change in line thickness and a more pronounced color saturation.

Juve's broadened black and white Home jersey.

The Juventus Kit looks awesome because:

  • In the traditional black and white of Juve, the black lines have been thickened to just a couple of simple lines, giving the jersey a different look from its predecessors.
  • Well…Cristiano Ronaldo, who some may argue is the Best Footballer in the history of football, recently joined up, meaning that sales and use of the Juve kit in- game will drastically increase this season.


Watford captain, Troy Deeney and his teammates celebrating after a goal.

Watford have never been much for keeping to a particular kit design. Based in the Barclay’s Premiership, The Hornets are an old English team that struggled all the way from lower divisions for quite a while, before making a name in the top league. The kit in-game on FIFA 19 may just be their best in more recent years.

Watford go for a bold black and yellow for their Home Jersey this season.

The Watford Kit looks awesome because:

  • If you love bright colors, then this kit is for you. It has a rich shade of black and a very bright yellow mixed together in stripes.
  • The Watford kit looks unique in-game, especially when you play against a team with a dark colored kit.


Chelsea players lined up in the city themed third kit.

The Blues are one of the top teams in the BPL in England, and one of the many London-based teams. It may have gone under the radar, but with their new kit design produced by Nike, they’ve actually set a standard in football history by adding a minor tech-based function to their ashy/teal colored 3rd kit.

Chelsea's 3rd kit, with an aerial view of Stamford Bridge.

The Cheslea Kit looks awesome because:

  • Printed on the front is an aerial view of Stamford Bridge and its surroundings, thereby adding am extra flair to it.
  • On the jersey top is a logo that allows fans that scan it via the Nike app to get exclusive access to some sweet deals and perks. A lot of Chelsea fans will be switching to this kit in-game.


Diego Rossi in action for LA FC.

The L.A Galaxy just recently got themselves city rivals in the form of L.A Football Club, who only played their first MLS match in the March of 2018, and to be very honest, they did really well in their inaugural season. Their very first kit was designed by adidas and is simple, yet bold.

LA FC's youtube sponsored Home jersey.

The Los Angeles FC Kit looks awesome because:

  • Asides it being the clubs very first kit, what attracts people is the logo of their very first sponsors, media giant, YouTube.
  • Depending on how you look at it, the background black and trims of gold is a simple design, but it also gives out a bold, strong look.


Galatasaray's 3rd kit for the season as seen in-game.

Galatasaray is a Turkish football club which hails from the European part of Istanbul. They’ve constantly been amongst the top teams in the Turkish top flight. This season the eye catcher amongst their kits is that of the 3rd kit, which is designed by Nike. It has a plain white background with a beautiful Orange design running down the middle.

A design of Istanbul's Bosporus Strait runs down the front of the 3rd jersey.

The Galatasaray Kit looks awesome because:

  • The front graphics is an image of the Bosporus Strait and its surroundings. This is a natural strait that divides the European part of Istanbul from the Asian part.


Al-Taawoun, with one of the most famous kits on Ultimate Team on FIFA 19.

Al-Taawoun is a Saudi based football club that plays in the Saudi Professional League. Though they haven’t made much of a name for themselves, they’ve made a big statement this year as far as kits are concerned. The kit which you can see on FIFA 19 is designed by MafroSports.

The Al-Taawoun howling wolf kit, in-game selection.

The Al-Taawoun Kit looks awesome because:

  • For those that like darker themed kits, this is amongst the top dark kits on FIFA 19 with just little strips of yellow on the sides and arm.
  • The kit design is totally awesome. It’s a design of dotted stars, with a howling wolf at the bottom right corner.


Man United players on their famous red...fitting for their alias; The Red Devils!

The Red Devils of Old Trafford has one of the largest fan base in all of football.The list of legends and top names to have passed through the English based club goes on and on with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Eric Cantona, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, and many more. Their home kit this season isn’t much different in color skim from different years, but it’s been made unique in design this time around.

A back and front view of Uniteds Home Jersey.

The Manchester United Kit looks awesome because:

  • The transition from red to black starts from the jersey top and gradually changes completely to black when it gets to the shorts. This gives the kit a very unique look in-game from many other teams.
  • The adidas made kit retains its centralized Chevrolet logo giving it an even more foreign look than usual, seeing as the club is am English club


An in-game look at Shimizu's continent themed Home kit.

Shimizu S-Pulse play in the Japanese J1 League and are former champions of the AFC Champions League. They’ve always been known for their map designs on their kits. Coincidentally, as of recent, they’ve already released a new Jersey for 2019 which doesn’t contain a map, it may still be updated, but the 2018 Puma design remains on FIFA 19 for now.

A model for the Japanese teams Home jersey with a representation of Asia used as its front design.

The Shimizu S-Pulse Kit looks awesome because:

  • Asides from the pretty yellow and orange collages, the lower back of the jersey contains a print of Mount Fuji which is a World Cultural Heritage site.
  • The front of the kit has a design of a tonal map of Asia.


Rabiot, just one of many remarkable talents on PSG's roster.

PSG are without a doubt, the best team in the French Ligue 1 as of recent history.Paris being the center of France and being known for being a classy city, reflects in the teams gameplay and in their kits. The 7 time Ligue 1 champions have a long standing partnership with Nike who upped their game with the design of the Black alternate kit which will only be used in the UCL.

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of PSG's 3rd kit; the Jordan brand is popularly known in NBA.

The PSG Kit looks awesome because:

  • This is by far the best black kit on FIFA 19. It’s sleek, it’s classy, and it’s bold. For the first time, they make use of the popular Jordan logo which Nike created in honor of NBA legend Michael Jordan.
  • The dotted pattern down the middle gives it an even classier look but the black is still outstanding. If Madrid's white is the whitest white, then let’s call PSG's black the blackest black.

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