Top 15 Games Like 7 Days to Die (15 Games Better Than 7 Days to Die in Their Own Way)

Games Like 7 Days to Die
Kill it with fire!

What are the Best Games Like 7 Days to Die?

In the world of Navezgane, the undead have taken over and it is up to the players to either cooperate or compete for resources, build defenses, craft weapons and clothing, and of course, kill a variety of zombies while trying not to die. But this zombie FPS is still in Alpha, which means the full version will not be out for a long time, and some you might not want to wait that long. Or maybe you want a game with a bit more story to it. Here are fifteen games you can check out in the meantime that may satisfying your zombie survival cravings.

15. State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 gameplay

The aim of this game is to gather a group of playable survivors in order to make it through the apocalypse intact, or mostly intact in most cases. Each survivor has their own special skills that will pay off in the fortification of your base from flesh eating zombies and the choices you make with them affect the world around you (and possibly get you knifed later on down the road). Enjoy almost losing your best scavenger because they went across the map to get medicine or nearly get killed while saving a neighbor only to have them headshot the zombie at the last second. You can also launch raids to get important things like food and ammo from said neighbors if you dislike them enough. Hope your recruitment skills are up to snuff.

Somehow, I trust the guy in the back more than any of the others.

At least you won’t miss this one…

14. Mist Survival

Mist Survival gameplay

You play someone who happens to be immune from the recent virus rampaging through the world. In this game, you get to fight or ally with everyone for resources, raise animals to eat, dogs to protect you and find things, build your house and defend it, get another player’s foot caught in a trap and watch the infected devour them, and explore the world while mowing down hordes of zombies. You also have the options to treat any wounds you might get, sneak up on enemies, and maintain your own generators as time passes quickly. Just beware when the mist comes in, because that is when the infected come out.

Admit it. This would be fun to do.

They’ll never see you coming.

13. Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid gameplay

Moving onto a top-down sandbox style game, your goal is to survive as long as you can against an endless horde of zombies in the towns of Muldraugh and West Point. Use tools to chop down trees to bolster your base defenses, keep the lights off at night so you can’t be spotted, bash zombies with vehicles, deal with illness and depression, and farm for food. The zombies don’t move quickly and have excellent visual and hearing, so it won’t be easy to hide from them. The question isn’t if you’ll survive, but for how long.

I can’t imagine the health score for this place.

This is the definition of screwed.

12. Colony Survival

Colony Survival gameplay

Shifting away from just zombies trying to kill you, Colony Survival has even more monsters trying to kill you in a brightly colored, blocky world. Learn your way through science in order to craft better weapons and materials to defend yourself with, while building things like roads so the colonists can travel safely from the monsters. The more colonists you get, the more monsters will try to invade you. Grow your colony to include things like farms, mines for metal like copper and iron, and give your colonists jobs ranging from bakers to tailors to make it a functioning society. It’s your colony, so you must defend it any way you can.

So, there are zombies in this game too. Go figure.

I hope they’re better than the guards in a Metal Gear game.

11. Fallout 4

Fallout 4 gameplay

You are the only survival of Vault 111 and you only have one mission in life, to save your kidnapped sun and get revenge on those who not only took him, but killed your significant other. Wander the nuclear ravaged wastelands, gaining equipment, allies (or enemies), blasting giant mutated creatures with mini-nukes or blowing their heads of with shotguns, and traveling with your faithful companion, the adorable yet deadly Dogmeat. There is also a base building system where you can form your own survivor colony and recruit people to defend it and live there while you’re off adventuring. Just watch out for radiation poisoning.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Apparently, sanity is optional in the Commonwealth.

10. Ark Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved gameplay

In this game, you are a survivor stranded on the island of ARK, a place inhabited by dinosaurs, erratic weather, and god-like mythical creatures that require a sacrificial item to summon. Ride a Pterodactyl, use a T-rex as a steed, grow your own crops, build your massive base, and form a tribe with other players in order to conquer the island. You can also craft your own weapons with specific stats so you can plan out raids with precision without having to worry about the weapon not being good enough once you in the middle of raiding. Have fun riding a dinosaur and beware of the enemy tribe!

That better be loaded with an armor piercing round.

Ah custom character creation, where would we be without you?

9. World War Z

World War Z gameplay

The whole world is in crisis when the undead swarm all over the globe, from New York to Moscow and everywhere in-between. In this co-op game, enjoy blasting apart undead with rocket launchers, shredding them with machine gun fire, blowing them up with grenades, or cutting them down with machetes as you and three of your friends fight to survive. Choose which team of characters you wish to play as and all the teams have their own unique stories, from a military squad attempting to rescue a scientist in Jerusalem, to normal civilians trying to get out of New York City through infested subway tunnels and streets. Sometimes, you must fight to have a chance at survival…

Explosions are always good. Very good.

You’re going to need more than barbed wire to stop that horde.

8. Zombie Builder Defense

Zombie Builder Defense gameplay

If you ever wanted to go through 40 waves of zombies while hoping your defenses hold up and you don’t miss any shots, Zombie Defense Builder is for you. Build your defensive perimeter out of whatever you have available to you, gather any weapons you have and hope they don’t break, shoot the heads off zombies, blow them up with claymores, and rip them apart with your turrets. There are five different kinds of zombies, so you never know what to expect with the next wave. And if you don’t want to defend the base by yourself, you can invite some friends along or play with random strangers against scaled up waves. Just don’t forget to update your defenses, or you’re zombie chow.

Something went very wrong here.

Apparently, this is a boss zombie. I think they’ll need more than two people to take it down.

7. Dead Island

Dead Island gameplay

The player finds their vacation to the lovely island of Banoi ruined when a zombie outbreak occurs and instead of enjoying a day in the sun, they have to fight for their lives through what was once a paradise. Break an undead’s head with a wine bottle you found, find a pistol to shoot them with or slash them with a kitchen knife you find lying around, anything can be a weapon. You can play with your friends online through the story as you struggle to survive and explore the island in order to figure out why this happened in the first place. One thing’s for sure, Banoi is getting a no star rating after all of this.

Talk about disarming someone…

I hope the janitorial staff is getting paid extra.

6. Dead Matter

Dead Matter gameplay

If you want a gameplay that has all the blood-splattering, gory elements of a zombie shooter with the elements of survival but you don’t want to spend three hours building a shelter, then this game is the game for you. Any standing building can be your shelter as long you defend it or you can set up a camp with your friends. And survival means more than slashing and shooting zombies. It also means hunting for food, growing crops, scavenging materials such as medical supplies and materials for weapons like rifles and hunting knives, while carefully planning where to story anything. You must do whatever it takes to survive, if you’re wise enough to seize the resources for it.

At least it looks warm…

And there are the shambling zombies.

5. They Are Billions

They Are Billions gameplay

The zombie apocalypse has happened once again, but this time, the survivors have steampunk technology on their side. It is your job to build an army of mercenaries to protect your base with their unique skills (and snide remarks), place units in the appropriate places so you don’t get overrun by zombies, and make sure that none of the colonists get infected or they will go on to other units to infect them. Upgrade your technology to kill zombies better, train your army so that they won’t die after the first few zombies attack them. Just don’t let them blow up the Tesla Towers…

Those defenses look sturdy enough, right?

Let’s hope they don’t run out of ammo.


SCUM gameplay

This time, there is no zombie apocalypse, but the player finds themselves taking on the role of someone in a deathmatch for a television station where the goal is to kill everyone else . Gather materials to make a shiv so you can stab your opponent, find a gun to shoot someone with, or even something you can use to patch yourself up when your wounded. You can either go it alone, or team up with a clan for large scale combat.  Don’t forget to smile for the camera.


Hey batter-batter, swing!


RUST gameplay

In RUST, there are no zombies or monsters out to kill you, just other players and you start out with nothing, not even clothes. It is up to you to gather materials in order to build a fire, craft spears so you can hunt animals for meat and fur, and kill other players when they try to kill you for meat. Or if soloing it is too hard, join up with a clan so you can gang up on other players and take all of their loot. Survival is rarely a civilized thing.

Nothing like a naked man charging at you to get the blood pumping

That place looks cozy.

2. Unturned

Unturned gameplay

As one of the last humans left unturned into a zombie, it is up to you to help rebuild society. This game not only pits zombies against you, but the very forces of nature itself with things like rain, blizzards, and very hot days that will either help, mangle, or dry out the crops you need to survive. You have the option of playing against other players, or cooperating with everyone for survival. There are even side quests available from NPCs so you can advance the story of the current society that has not been infected by the zombie virus. Don’t forget your gasmask.

Well, at least nothing’s on fire…yet.

That is a very large zombie.

1. The Forest

The Forest gameplay

There you are, flying on a jet to your destination when it crashes and you are the lone survivor. You must chop down trees for wood so you can build things like shelters and fires to keep warm and cook any food you get from hunting so you don’t starve. Defend yourself from the inhabitants of the forest (who are cannibals by the way) by stabbing them with a spear you made our hiding out in your house. You can also bring a friend along for more fun. Just don’t get lost in the underground caves or you might not make it out.

Hopefully you’ll blow up just the enemies and not yourself.

You can build sweet camps that will hopefully not be torn down by cannibals later.

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