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Games Like Alien Isolation
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In your living room, everyone can hear you scream...

6. Project Nightmares Case 36: Henrietta Kedward

Project Nightmares Case 36 Gameplay

Another indie horror title aiming to be as photo-realistic and immersive as possible, Project Nightmares truly lives up to its title. Case 36 is supposed to be the first in a planned series of installments, all based around your character—a psychic—who is being utilised as a conduit for connecting to cursed objects, so that the evil within can be investigated. Case 36 specifically deals with the story of Henrietta Kedward, an elderly woman with a few too many issues (understatement).

You have to enter into the nightmare surrounding her, explore the vividly spooky environment, and find clues that might explain the evil behind her, all the while trying to not let her jaws wrap around your windpipe. Sort of like Monstrum, Project Nightmares also makes use of procedural generation so that the environment is always changing.

It’s still considered to be Early Access (work in progress), but it already shows some serious promise.

Time for tea, dearie: think Blair Witch—except she’s entirely visible and you have a candle rather than video cameras...

No stone unturned: like SOMA and The Beast Inside, interacting with the environment is incredibly important. Every drawer could be hiding something vital to your goal

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