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Games like Assassin's Creed: Origins
To adventures beyond the sand.

4. Mad Max

“Mad Max” Gameplay 

When the world is reduced to a barren wasteland, the only thing left to do is survive, and no one manages it quite like Max Rockatansky. Up against a barrage of odd enemies, such as the War Boys, hand-to-hand fighting actually takes a backseat as vehicular combat is the way to go for a good time. Taking care of your vehicle is a must-do as enhancements offer protection, speed, and fighting power necessary to survive the sand. True to Mad Max style, this game is creatively gruesome and unforgiving, but reminds us how far Max will go to rise above and hold onto hope.

When your car is all you have left, it pays to invest in a new bumper…or spikes.

The world is full of scavengers ready to pick you clean, but they’ve got another thing coming.

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