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Games Like Escape from Tarkov
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From giant industry staples to small indie unknowns and parody games, this list has it all.

1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gameplay

If you haven’t heard of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (or PUBG as its colloquially known), we’re very much interested to know what it’s like staring at the underside of a rock for so many years. The quint-essential battle royale game, PUBG has players parashot from a plane onto what is now one of four different maps. They must then scour the map for gear and weapons they can use to fight the 99 other players. The last one to survive is the winner and gets a nice juicy chicken dinner (in-game), as well as the admiration of the masses. The habitable zone of the island decreases over time, pushing the players into a smaller and smaller area and inevitable conflict.

PUBG has an extremely large player base, a well-developed and proven gameplay-loop, gorgeous visuals, fun to use weapons, and a frying pan based meta-game that has saved our behinds more times than we care to tell. The high risk and tension of every match is balanced nicely with the knowledge that the next match is just a few short clicks away with minimal waiting time due to the massive community. PUBG is one of the few entries on this list with such a universal appeal and stable framework that it’s routinely played in e-sports tournaments all over the world.

A Molotov cocktail is a good way to flush your enemy out of their hidey-hole. The firefights in PUBG are fun, dynamic and at times very chaotic. Just make sure you leave the area as soon as possible once the shooting stops, so you don't get shot in the back.

The original map the game first launched with still looks good and has one of the highest player-numbers among the four. You know a game is good when it stands the test of time.

BONUS: Battlefield V

Battlefield 5 Gameplay

Battlefield 5 is a multiplayer shooter with an unparallel focus on vehicular combat, destruction, incredible visuals (now with RTX technology), and a gorgeous World War 2 setting. And in March 2019 it will also have its own battle royale mode.

Little is known so far about “Firestorm” (what DICE is calling its battle royale mode), but we do know it will introduce something never done before in battle royale; vehicular combat, at least in the form of tanks and other ground vehicles. We’re not sure how this will play out, but to say we’re fascinated and looking forward to finding out with eager anticipation would be an understatement.

Take special note of the player jumping off the edge of the tower, the tank near the edge of the fire, and the house being destroyed as it's enveloped by flames. A BR game with all these dynamic features? Yes please!

While this image is from the single player, we can easily imagine sitting perched on top of some elevated point of the map, waiting for players to pass by as they're escaping the encroaching ring of fire.

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