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Games Like Friday the 13th

4. Depth

Watch players take on the role of killer shark in this Let's Play video.

All of the games on this list so far have had the typical teenagers, or the like, trying to escape some maniac killer. What if I told you that you could play a survival horror game, but the killer is totally justified in his/her actions. That is exactly the uniqueness this game offers. Depth allows players to put on their wetsuit and dive for treasure after treasure. However, they better be on the lookout for the other two players who get to play as man eating sharks. Being a killer never felt so right. After all, when it comes to being in the ocean, the shark should be at the top of the food chain. Depth adds an interesting twist by having more than one killer at a time. Divers can use their underwater weaponry to defend themselves and their treasure, but the shark proves to be a smooth killer.

One of the killer sharks stalks its prey from afar. 

A diver is diving a plane wreck in hopes of finding treasure. He also has his harpoone ready for any shark threats.

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