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games like metro exodus
Fight for survival in these games like Metro.

9. Hunt Showdown (Developed by: Crytek)

Hunt Showdown Gameplay

Put your boots on the ground as a hunter, search for clues, kill monsters and compete with other hunters.

The first hunter to kill the big monster of the map claims the prize, but at a cost. The hunter becomes the hunted and any player can hunt them down to steal the prize.

Hunt Showdown takes a horror themed 19th-century setting and successfully turns it into a horror filled online first-person shooter.

Players must survive in a map filled zombies and various Lovecraftian style monsters. Players are given a good range of weapons; shotguns, rifles, revolvers, and even melee weapons such as knives and machetes.

Taking the currently popular Battle Royale theme, Hunt Showdown adds its own twist.

The map is filled with clues, special monsters, lore and mysticism. Players are drawn towards each other not because the map is closing in but because it’s a step closer to their goal.

Team up with other hunters, take down enemies and find clues faster.

Face numerous terrifying creatures.

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