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games like metro exodus
Fight for survival in these games like Metro.

8. REBORN (Developed by: Knife Entertainment)

REBORN Gameplay

Reborn seeks to give birth to a new genre of horror, one where players can scare the monsters.

Reborn is a first-person survival horror game that looks to be filled with new and classic occult.

Developers from Knife Entertainment claim that players will have a wide selection of weapons and tools to hunt down the monsters around them. Just remember that while players can fight back, there is a reason they need to.

Reborn is still yet to be released and how it will be unique in the realm of survival horror, remains to be unseen. Still, Reborn looks extremely promising.

Step into classic horror, this time with a chance to fight back.

Players will have a wide selection of weapons and tools to hunt down the monsters.

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