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games like metro exodus
Fight for survival in these games like Metro.

7. Witch Hunt (Developed by: Andrii Vintsevych)

Witch Hunt Gameplay

The main objective in Witch Hunt, is hunting. To do this players step into the haunted woods and look for treasure, clues and of course, monsters.

We enter the woods and face off against several different and interesting enemies. Creatures in Witch Hunt are can be plentiful, almost annoying in their consumption of valuable ammo. But others are tricky and dangerous forcing players to think and plan. Maybe even run.

Players can use unique weapons and ammo, tools and even magic to hunt their prey. While on the hunt, players can easily be drawn to large landmarks with great rewards or terrible horrors.

The woods are filled with strange things and various enemies.

Ghouls may be an easy target but their plentiful and ammo consuming.

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