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games like metro exodus
Fight for survival in these games like Metro.

4. Miscreated (Developed by: Entrada Interactive)

Miscreated Gameplay

Dropped into a fallen future, everyone is just hoping to survive. It’s a harsh world with little kindness, weapons and items have all been scavenged and the few you do find will have other players looking to take them.

Miscreated is filled with danger, players might survive a horde of mutants only to be taken by wolves. But the most unpredictable and dangerous of all is the other players. Players can share weapons and items out of kindness or simply hunt you for sport.

Despite the rough setting, Miscreated offers players several options to survive. Players can craft and build, camp and cook, players can even, as we mentioned, hunt. If they hunt animals or humans is up to them.

Players might survive a horde of mutants only to be taken by wolves. Or maybe a bear.

 Build your own buildings, make it your base or even a trap.

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