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games like metro exodus
Fight for survival in these games like Metro.

2. BioShock (Developed by: 2K)

BioShock Gameplay

Set in a fallen 1960s underwater utopia, BioShock crashes players into a scary steampunk fiction with iconic and unique enemies. Big Daddies protecting Little Sisters, junky splicers trying to drain you or just kill you for fun. Fallen utopia is a gentle description.

Despite BioShock being a first-person shooter, players are given a choice on if shooting it out is the best way around an enemy. Players can sneak or even talk their way around some enemies. With a selection of powers called plasmids, players can even set traps to help avoid or combat their foes. Should you choose to shoot it out, players are given an arsenal of weapons and combat plasmids to tear enemies apart.

Traditional weapons can be used and upgraded throughout the game but BioShock really shines with plasmids. Telekinesis, pyrokinesis, ice and sonic powers, you can even send out a swarm of bugs.

Get to close to a little sister and face a Big Daddy.

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