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Games Like Silent Hill
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Eerie, gory, terrifying fun, for when regular normal people fun just isn't enough.

2. The Evil Within

“The Evil Within – Part 1”

The Evil Within is a third-person survival horror game, directed by Resident Evil series creator, Shinji Mikami. It is set in a local hospital where you play as Krimson City Police detective Sebastian Castellanos. After getting a call for backup, the detective and his companions come across a horrific mass murder scene at Beacon Mental Hospital. They end up separated and trapped inside, and once they finally manage to escape the building and the dangers it holds, they find that Krimson City has been turned upside down by an earthquake and inhuman creatures lurk in abandoned buildings. Throughout the game you will travel through the nightmarish memories of the characters, and the altered realities that the enemy has reshaped. What is real? Who, or what, is behind it all?

The Evil Within is very intentional with its attempts to make you, as the player, feel powerless. You have limited ammo, you are often placed in confining settings, and many of your enemies are best outrun instead of overpowered. The unique aspect of this horror experience is that the creators are deliberate in their endeavor to escape horror trope clichés. This experience is entirely new.

Run and Hide: Oftentimes, even though you are armed, you are unable to defend yourself. You only option is to run for your life.

Stealth Mechanics: Sneak what you need without getting caught, and make sure to avoid traps.

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