Top 10 Games Like South Park: Stick of Truth (Games Better Than South Park: Stick of Truth)

Games Better Than South Park
Randy, Eric, Kyle, and Stan (Top to bottom left to right) come upon a tied up Mr. Slave.

Even if you don’t know what South Park is about chances are you’ve heard of it. In their game The Stick of Truth, it follows you, dubbed Douchebag, moving to the town of South Park. You begin playing with the neighborhood boys and join in on a fantasy game with humans and elves fighting each other for the powerful Stick of Truth. When aliens crash land and a mysterious goo is turning people and animals into Nazi zombies you must find out what it is and a way to destroy it before all of South Park is a mass of undead anti-semantics.

If you enjoyed South Park then the 10 point-and-click games below will leave you confused at the absurdity just as much if not more. Some of the games are classics with a reboot so it might even be worth checking out the originals.

10) Day of the Tentacle Remastered

Day of the Tentacle Remastered gameplay

Also known as Maniac Mansion 2: Day of the Tentacle (1993)  takes place 5 years after Maniac Mansion (1987) which features Purple Tentacle, a creature created by Dr. Edison, drinking toxic sludge pouring out from the lab causing him to sprout two small arms and a massive increase in intelligence that gives him a burning desire to take over the world. Since Purple Tentacle has turned so villainous Dr. Edison wants to destroy him. His brother, Green Tentacle, doesn’t want his brother nor himself killed so he sends a letter to Bernard Bernoulli begging for help. Bernard then goes out on a quest to save the tentacles with his roommates Laverne and Hoagie. Once freeing the brothers, Purple Tentacle escapes resuming his quest to take over the world. Unresponsible use of time machines ensues to prevent Purple Tentacle from becoming the monster that he is in the present day.

Green Tentacle looks on helplessly as Purple Tentacle discovers his newly sprouted arms and genius level intelligence.

Original Day of the Tentacle graphics with (left to right) Bernard, Laverne, and Hoagie opening up the door to receive a letter from a hamster.

9) 60 Seconds!

60 Seconds! gameplay

Released in 2015 this point-and-click game is a dark comedy adventure that takes place during a nuclear fallout and is a story of survival. Collect supplies you need and rescue your family to try and survive in your bomb shelter. Since it is a world post nuclear explosion things get a little weird and dangerous. How long will you manage to keep your family not only safe but alive as well?

Carefree family enjoying a barbeque with all but one oblivious to what is happening.

You must run around the house gathering your family and supplies before going into the bomb shelter. You have 60 seconds so be quick about it!

8) 60 Parsecs!

Released in 2018 from the creators of 60 Seconds! You are in outer space and the ship is about to explode. You must get supplies and choose 4 crewmates from those available to save with only a minute. Your hope is to reach your final destination. You’ll be faced with food shortages, stabilizing mental sanity, and keeping everyone safe.

You have to choose 4 crew members to live and go out into deep space hoping to find a new place to live.

Paranoia and break from reality beginning to happen. Work to make sure your crewmates keep a healthy mental state of mind to avoid a mutiny.

7) Danganronpa

Danganronpa gameplay

A battle royale game where you are an average student chosen to attend Hope Peaks Academy, an elite school for top ranking students. Upon arriving you pass out and wake up along with 14 other students all trapped inside the school when a deranged looking toy bear announces that you are in the school forever and the only way you're allowed to leave is if you murder another student and get away with it. The point is to kill the other students without being caught, find clues to use during trials, and talking to your classmates to discuss who the killer is. When a murdered body is found a trial is held where the students discuss who might have killed them. If the murderer is guessed right they're executed with the other students being allowed to live and continue killing each other.f the murderer is guessed wrong the real killer is allowed to leave with the rest of the students being executed instead.

Monokuma is the sadistic teddy bear that greets the group of students telling them they can only “graduate” from the school if they murder someone without getting caught.

Students waking up dazed and confused looking at each other unaware of the danger that awaits them.

6) Bum Simulator

Bum Simulator trailer

As a bum, you live on the streets trying to survive. What will you do? Will you adapt to your environment and go with the flow to survive? Attack fellow bums and become an urban legend? Make your bum powers grow, tame the pigeons to use them as you will, and learn the craft of making the best alcohol around in this simulation.

You can spend your day in the city begging for money.

If you come across another bum that offends you just drink a beer to wash away the sorrow then throw the empty bottle at their head.

5) Priest Simulator

Priest Simulator trailer

What would you do if given divine powers? As a priest with such powers, it is your choice how you use them. Will you abuse them? Will you take the path of righteousness and help others? As a first-person game, you decide the course of life you take.

Exorcize demons out of people to save them from their torment.

You can lead your congregation of loyal followers...but only for a price.

4) Faither

Another priest simulation game where you go to a village where a horde of demons have taken over and are torturing those that live there. Regular priests can’t handle the overwhelming amount of evil that now resides there. As an unconventional priest, it’s up to you to take out the demons anyway that you can. In the game you will come across evil babies, Linda Blair style 360-degree head spins, and a shady goat.

Like in “Priest Simulator” there are plenty of people to exorcize.

Seek help from fellow priests, nuns, and even the bishop to help you with battling demons.

3) Kelvin and the Infamous Machine

You are Kelvin a bumbling assistant to soon to be the mad scientist, Dr. Lupin. When Lupin’s life work is ridiculed he decides to go back in time to take credit for mankind's greatest works so he’ll be the only genius in history. Another time travel game where you go to different points in history in a machine that looks suspiciously like a shower to prevent Dr. Lupin from changing history. You meet the greats and help them complete their works while making sure Lupin doesn't interfere.

Lisa, Dr. Lupin, and Kelvin celebrating the success of the time machine.

Kelvin walking in to discover why Da Vinci painted Mona Lisa with her mouth closed.

2) Red Comrades Save the Galaxy: Reloaded

The game begins out with us learning that an alien ship was traveling through space when the ship for some unknown reason lost control and crashed becoming earth’s moon. Skip over to  Earth and we see that Russia is in a civil war. The village of Blackwoods is split in two with each controlled by different soldiers; the Red Army and the Whites. When Red Army leader Chapaev wakes up he learns that the Red banner from headquarters has been stolen and must sneak onto enemy grounds to retrieve it. To make everything worse the aliens are now making plans to take over Earth.

Poster work for Red Comrades featuring Anka, Vasily Ivanovich Chapaev, and Petka (left to right). When reading about the game it seems confusing and hard to follow. When actually playing the game it’s easier to see where things are going.

While there are English subtitles in the game most of the signs are in Russian leaving a bit of confusion at times.

1) Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park gameplay

At first, it’s easy to see why you would think this is a murder mystery game but it’s so much more than that. The more and more you play the weirder and deeper the game gets. You choose between 5 characters to play throughout the game each with their own personality and problems with each having their own agendas. It’s up to you to figure out what the overall mystery surrounding Thimbleweed Park is.

The five playable characters to choose from; Ransome the clown, Franklin, Agent Ray, Junior Agent Reyes, and Dolores (left to right) can all work together to figure out the enigma that is Thimbleweed Park.

The pixelated look gives the game a retro feel. It makes the fact Agent Rey and Junior Agent Reyes standing over a dead body less menacing.

All these games are great in their own ways but still just might be better than South Park: Stick of Truth. Play them for yourself to see if you agree.

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