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 Games Like State of Decay 2
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When you want more zombies but less rucksacks...

6. Mist Survival 


As another early access FPS sandbox survival game, Mist Survival looks to concentrate on the single player experience.

Powered by the beauty of the Unreal Engine, the motive is to gather materials for weapons, for auto repair, and for base building and defense.

In the midst of surviving, the ‘mist’ rolls in providing the threat of the infected! Thankfully, zombies aren’t the only threat. Mist Survival also sends wildlife and bandits after you.

With the existence of the bandits comes the possibility of saving survivor NPCs that can help you defend your base though.

It’s clear that the dev hopes to weave a story around the origin and purpose of the mist. While the mist does bring the guarantee of zombies to your doorstep, it is clear that the dev wants it to bring more!

Hop into this evolving frightfest to help carve out a unique experience! 

And they’re off! The zombie marathon begins! 

Somebody have an Ace bandage or some Robitussin? 

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