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 Games Like State of Decay 2
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When you want more zombies but less rucksacks...

3. Resident Evil 5 


Considered one of the best in the series, Resident Evil 5 shines as a coop zombie fragfest.

Built as third person shooter with the ability to upgrade handguns, shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns and more, you’ll never be alone as your companion, Sheva, will come along for the ride even in single player.  

Since the control scheme was intentionally made to not allow you to move when you aim to shoot, the game mechanics rachet up the tension as the action lumbers and lunges your way.

Sheva does well to help but Capcom did a decent job making Resident Evil 5 have an element of survival to tag along with its trademark zombie action.

Following the misdeeds of the Umbrella Corporation at least once is a must for zombie genre fans and RE5 is a great choice to try.  

You’ll be glad Sheva’s along for the bloody ride. 


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