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 Games Like State of Decay 2
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When you want more zombies but less rucksacks...

1. Unturned 


For a large and beefy Roblox styled DayZ, Unturned sure does have a lot for you to do! While its blocky art style makes it seem like a kid’s version of a zombie survival game, its difficulty rivals many of the others on this list.

With basebuilding, crafting, XP leveling, driving vehicles, and fighting Minecraft-y looking Creeper zombies as this game’s core, there are just as many ways to die as there are things to do!

Unturned looks to pull the survival aspects of XP leveling and regular combat alongside the tried and true Roblox features like a healthy mod community and tons of depth.  

Let the bodies hit the floor! 

“You gotta license for that hammer, boy?!” 

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