Top 11 Games Like Tera (Games Better Than Tera In Their Own Way)

 Games Like Tera
The Valkyrie: Known as the most powerful warriors.

Let's Countdown The Best Games Like Tera

The open world of Tera has been a great game for the past 8 years, however, maybe you would like to get away from the lolicon experience and repetitive dungeon instancing. Are you searching for that edge once again? Well these games will provide you with a similar, but different experience.

11. Vindictus

Vindictus Gameplay

Vindictus is an action MMORPG with instance based dungeons. Vindictus is a fantasy type game that takes place in a dark sinister world that will test your survival skills as a player. Since the game has a real-time combat system, a player’s skill will determine the outcome of the game. This game will definitely kick your ass if you’re used to point and click games!

You have a choice of over 13 different classes with sub-classes to go an adventure with. But no matter what class you select, you will still be able to take on any monsters or obstacles that you may run into. The game begins with your selected character in the middle of a situation where you have to battle a BIG ASS SPIDER that is rampaging around the town.

Fear of spiders anyone? Hold my beer: This is just what you see at the beginning of the game, imagine what happens when you encounter the spider queen!

That moment when you realize…: Sometimes we like to go straight into the fight, but then realize the situation. Ohhhhh maaaaan!

10. AION Online

AION Online Gameplay

AION Online is a point and click MMORPG that takes part in a world called Ateria. You must decide between two factions found in the world of Ateria called the Asmodians and Elyos. Aion online lets you take to the skies and battle with monsters or other players in their unique aerial combat system.

This game will get you hooked on getting stronger as the quests get harder and longer to finish, thus giving you that feeling of accomplishment when you finish something. The game takes you on an adventure in a huge open world with lots and lots of regions to explore with no problem (No plane tickets needed here!).

Good and Evil? Not really: No matter what side you choose, you fight for the survival of your race! Asmodians (Picture Left) Elyos (Picture Right)

Angel Complex: Whenever wings are involved, angels are always there.

9. Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul Gameplay

Blade & Soul is an action MMORPG that takes place in a land divided by two major continents. These continents are populated by 4 different races, the Gon, Lyn, Yun, and Jin. Although each race may have their own unique classes they are still brought apart by the two different factions found in the world of Blade & Soul.

The open world of Blade & Soul allows players to literally leap through the different areas just like ninjas from the Naruto animation. As you make your way around the world of Blade & Soul you will have to defend yourself from other factions and fight them when you need to defend your honor.

Fish can’t stay on dry land, Oh, never mind: Yes my friends there are giant WALKING fish in the world of Blade & Soul.

Leap of faith? Or just another player in Blade & Soul: Leaping through the open world can be fun especially when travelling to different areas in the game!

8. Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus Gameplay

Riders of Icarus is click and action fantasy MMORPG that takes you to a world filled with different creatures that can tamed to help you in your adventures. Riders in this game go out on an adventure to tame creatures from horses, kangaroos and all the way up to dragons to help you fight in dungeons and take to the sky to unexplored areas.

The main feature of this game is the Aerial battles. Players can tame flying mounts and fight with them even against monsters that are on the ground. These mounts can also be converted into pets that fight alongside you as you fight different monsters from around the world.

Need a mount? Challenge Accepted: A knight takes on a dragon in order to tame it and take to the skies with the other players.

Mounts in the Riders of Icarus: Oh I’m just taking my dragon out for a walk.

7. ArcheAge

ArcheAge Gameplay

ArcheAge is a point and click fantasy MMORPG with a free range of different classes that don’t take you through a linear path. The game allows its players to create their own paths as they progress through the game. Go on adventures in both land and sea! Yes you heard right, this game also has ship sailing and ship battles.

ArcheAge also gives the players over 120 different classes that they could choose from. This could range from being a simple merchant, to a wild and crazy adventurer. The great diversity of classes makes this game a very exciting type of game to people who like diversity of classes.

To arms men: Dive into the game with a great prologue that has a twist in the end.

Bring it on bro: You know how you sometimes just know that you can take on what’s coming next.

6. Secret World Legends

Secret World Legends Gameplay

Are you getting tired of the pure Medieval Fantasy character type of games yet? Secret World Legends is an action MMORPG that is set in modern time, but comes with a twist. The game takes you on an adventure where there are fantasy creatures and aliens who are now roaming the different countries of the earth.

The Secret World Legends game allows the player to make decisions on their type of play style. Players will be able to make characters like fist wielding mages, gun holding mages, and swordsmen with guns. Your character in game may even learn every single spell and master every single weapon, thus giving you the power to customize your character even further.

Modern day cliché: Yes we have another cliché where a place of fun ends up being a place you have to look out for.

I hope it’s not me: The guy in the middle is just going to have a bad day.

5. Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the Rings Online Gameplay

Let’s face it; we are truly not living if we haven’t seen the movies of the Lord of the Rings. During those times of watching the movies we put ourselves in the characters shoes and shouted out ways on how we were going to handle situations. Well now we do have the option to actually be in the shoes of the heroes that we watched in the movies.

Lord of the Rings Online is an online MMORPG that is set in the time of Middle Earth during the time of Sauron. Players of the game go on their adventure to defeat the evil hordes that want to destroy middle earth. The game allows players to select from the races from the little hobbits up to the high elves of Valinor.

The Nostalgia: Going into the game, you will find yourself admiring the white wizards of Middle Earth!

Is it just me or is that horse showing fear?: Starring straight into the eyes of a giant cat creature would scare the hell out of you too if all you had to defend yourself is a pair of hooves.

4. Defiance 2050

Defiance 2050 Gameplay

Perhaps you like shooter games? Or even just open world games? Well Defiance 2050 will bring both of those together with its open world sci-fi shooter MMORPG! The game takes place in the future when the earth has already been visited by aliens. Yes, this will definitely make your dreams come true.

The game gives players 3 races to choose from which you can customize to your own desire. You venture into the game as a soldier with special attributes to help fight aliens for advanced technology. The open world option will provide you with many hours finding out ways and strategies on how to battle against these pesky aliens.

Teamwork: Teamwork will always get you through more missions. The guy with the sword on the left looks like he’s going to have a bad day.

Mistah Roboto?: With aliens, of course comes robots. Who doesn’t like the feeling of defeating a robot?! I mean seriously?!

3. Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Gameplay

Often times we play games and want to reach the end game and see what it could offer us. For players who actually enjoy lore together with game progression will love this game! The Final Fantasy world of course is one that many of us have wanted to explore ourselves.

The Final Fantasy world offers players a wide range of classes to choose from. We all know the classic swordsmen, archers, and mages; however, we don’t often get to see classes like blacksmiths, chefs, and armor crafters. Well in the world of Final Fantasy, you can still be a part of the community even as those classes alone.

Beauty of Ruins: We all have seen those places where we find old ruins in most games. We just have to admit that seeing these types of things actually make us feel like real adventurers.

One word, CHOCOBO!!! : The iconic Chocobo of the Final Fantasy games has always been the fans favourite creatures in the entire game.

2. Black Desert Online Remastered

Black Desert Online Gameplay

Do you enjoy action MMORPGs? Are you one of those people that always need to have the best graphics in game? Well Black Desert Online REMASTERED will be able to fulfil both those needs. The classic game from 2010 has now been remastered with an insane improvement graphically! You will definitely get hooked by the smooth graphics and gameplay.

The game offers players 13 different classes from 8 different races. The game will keep you going with the unlimited amount of quests to complete. The PvP of this game will also get you grinding to improve your gear and skills on controlling your character.

Hmm, really?: I look big in this angle, but I wonder how I’ll look when I need to stand next to that thing.

CHAAAAARGE!!: Player versus player moments like this will get you high in combat. Just don’t be a coward like that guy on the wall.

1. Neverwinter

Neverwinter Gameplay

Dungeons & Dragons even people who haven’t played a single computer game in their life will know about it. Neverwinter is a game set in the realm of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy world. Well get ready to immerse yourself the same way we did in the past creating stories and legends of heroes as they got through monsters, obstacles, and of course sleeping time.

Neverwinter offers players the option to go on their adventures with 12 different races and 8 different classes to choose from. You’ll find yourself immersed in this fantasy world that was once just a figment of our imagination and kick ass with your hero!

Superman or something else?: Well when it comes to dungeons & dragons the sky is the limit of what you would like your world to have.

These moments: We all have had those moments in time where we just got to admire what we’re doing. Am I right?!

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