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Games Like Terraria
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Terraria has made its mark on the sandbox genre, all across the galaxy.

9. Crea

Familiar, But Different- And That's Good! - Crea 1.0 Gameplay & First Impressions

With little explanation and few guidelines, Crea presents you with a fantastical, vibrant world waiting to be explored. A tall crystal serves as your spawn point, and the further you wander, the less friendly things get.

Crea’s beautiful, mysterious landscapes beg to be investigated, and your curiosity is encouraged by gentle learning curves and little punishment for failure. Your base can span biomes with the help of the strange crystals’ teleportation powers. Despite the easygoing atmosphere, combat is in-depth, with spells, weapons, and skills that can be mixed-and-matched to your preferred fighting style.

Make a house a home: making your abode fashionable is one of Crea’s specialties

Turns out money does grow on trees: Crea’s currency is golden leaves, which can be farmed late in the game

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