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Best MTG Arena Singleton Decks
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There can be only one!

2. Rat Colony

The infamous Rat Colony deck only has two cards in its deck list: Swamps and Rat Colony. This is possible because of the ability of Rat Colony which is “A deck can have any number of cards named Rat Colony” which strangely applies to Singleton. This ability, coupled by the fact that each rat gets +1/+0 for each other rat you control means that the rats just keep growing and growing as the game goes along. While your opponent stumbles to gain consistency, your game play is simple. Cast rats and attack with rats. It might be the most broken card for singleton right now, but enjoy it while it is still legal.  

Why it’s good:

  • The most consistent deck in Singleton
  • The more rats you have, the bigger rats you have
  • You will always attack and cast on your turn.
  • Mono-colored deck so there is no mana-screw

Key Cards:

  • Rat Colony (no shock there)

"Trust me, I'm a rat"

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