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You'll be one step closer to Jason Voorhees!

7. GMod Murder (2015)

Like Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th, players can be the killer or a survivor in Murder. There is a slight difference in that survivors need to figure out who the killer is and there’s only one gun amongst them. Overall, the game is lighter and open to buffoonery. 

Murder is a condensed version of games like it but shines because of that fact. Figuring out who the killer is a lot of fun, especially with commentary from those we play with, which helps solve the mystery. And don’t forget, the killer must take down his victims with stealth and a good poker face.

The assassin can see the footsteps of the other players, which is handy for some sneaky jabs and stabs.

When someone in group play goes quiet, they are no longer alive in the game.

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