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You'll be one step closer to Jason Voorhees!

4. Clock Tower (1995)

Inspired by Dario Argento’s horror film Phenomena, Clock Tower follows Jennifer Simpson’s admittance to the Granite Orphanage with a few others. Soon enough, she finds her friends dead and must avoid the same fate as she searches for an escape from the game’s slayer, the Scissorman!

The game appears to be slow-moving at first, but is actually an exciting experience from Human Entertainment for SNES. There are plenty of rooms to explore throughout the orphanage for clues and goods, awesome thrills and scares and a spooky score. Scissorman’s weapon of choice may be bigger than him but he has the strength to cut a victim in half.

There are a few endings based on what clues and items are found, which reveal deeper ties between Jennifer and the orphanage. When she does run into Scissorman, an authentic chase takes place and players have to flee with speed and some stealth.

There’s plenty of dialogue and set-up for a fun movie-like ride.

The Scissorman relentlessly chases Jennifer while opening and closing his weapon, which the noise signifies his closeness.

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