Top 10 Best Dota 2 Carry Heroes That Wreck Hard! (2019 Edition)

best carry dota 2
The best Dota 2 carry heroes revealed

Want To Destroy Your Foes In Dota 2? Pick These Top 10 Carries in Dota 2 To Get The Job Done

Dota 2 is one of the most profitable eSports around having boasted an impressive $24.7 million prize pool at The International 2017. So obviously all the young upstarts are wondering to themselves: “How can I get some of that fat stack of cash?” Well if the past few years of drafting recruitments by teams is anything to go by, you have to become a top carry online.

You may ask the question, though, “what are the best carries in Dota?” Well I’m glad you asked because that’s exactly the question I plan to answer with this top 10 list of the best hard carries in the game.

10. Lifestealer

Lifestealer is an immortal monster with the mind of a powerful wizard compelling his actions

Lifestealer is probably one of the heroes in the game that varies the most depending on the lineup. In some games he just won't get anything done but put him against the right lineup and get him a good start and he can barrel his way through the game with brute force.

He strives the best against strength-based lineups due to the percentage-based damage he does, which also allows him to pick off squishier heroes using Open Wounds to slow them down. He also boasts the unique ultimate that allows him to hide inside another friendly unit, either a hero or a creep, and burst out to surprise the enemy.

Lifestealer requires a good start to really get going, but if he has a good supporting lineup he can catch up pretty well when left alone

Lifestealer bursting out to surprise his enemies during a fight

Lifestealer killing the entire enemy team by himself

Watch: Miracle- Lifestealer RAMPAGE

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