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5. Out of the Park Baseball

As fun as Football Manager is, the true king of stats in sports is baseball, and while you won’t find a baseball equivalent for FIFA on pc, Out of The Park is sure to have you covered in the managing simulator department. OOTP is a text-based simulation game in which you play the role of general manager for a team of your choosing. This game is a deep and complex affair that will push your baseball and statistics knowledge to the limit.

It’s difficult to explain what makes OOTP great, after all, the game consists of looking at baseball through a purely statistical lens, reading and analyzing crazy stats that only fans will (barely) understand, but there’s something intangible about controlling every aspect of your team and seeing them succeed. If you’ve ever dreamt about becoming Billy Bean, this is your game.

OOTPB Gameplay

OOTP creates a stat-based gameplay experience every hardcore baseball fan will love

OOTPB Colorado Rockies

Be the world’s best general manager without playing a single game

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