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2. FIFA 18

Sorry PES fans, but whether you are a football lover or a gamer, you probably know what FIFA is. This series, developed by EA, is one of the biggest franchises in the world, and their 2018 release is the best one so far. Get in the skins of the biggest football players in the world and use your skills to win matches in some of the greatest leagues, with over 200 different teams. While the core gameplay has remained the same over the years, it never stops being enjoyable, and the AI gets better with each new release.

This year they’ve added new ways of playing the game and have kept expanding the modes that were already available, like the manager mode whose progression system was completely revamped, or The Journey, that got a second Alex Hunter season which is just as good as the first one. On top of that, if you’ve not picked up FIFA yet, there's now a World Cup Update. All of this makes for the most complete FIFA experience and easily one of the best sports games.

FIFA 18 Cristiano Ronaldo

The changes made to gameplay and quantity of playable teams give FIFA 18 the edge over every other football simulator

FIFA World Cup

Get ready for the biggest event in the world by playing the new World Cup mode

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