Top 15 Games Like Dragon Age Origins (Games Better Than Dragon Age Origins In Their Own Way)

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Candles? Check. Weird cult summoning ritual? Check. Giant portal to hell? Check, We are ready for an epic RPG.

15. Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition

“The God was Bhaal, Lord of Murder, and you are one if his children.”

Baldur’s Gate II is probably the quint-essential RPG. You make a character, based loosely on Dungeon and Dragons (DnD) rules, then set off on an adventure where you will gather companions and ultimately save the world. To say it’s like Dragon Age: Origins is like saying that Star Wars: A New Hope is like Star Wars: Rogue One, Baldurs is the classic and In many ways better.  It has at least 150 hours of gameplay for a completionist and enough customization to spend 150 hours on just character skills and spells. If you like Dragon Age and want to dive into the Origins of RPGs Baldur’s Gate is a great place to start.

In Baldur’s Gate II you have to use the skills and abilities of your entire team in unison around your enemies pausing often to figure out what the best approach may be.

14. Exanima

“Nothing more pleasing than using that sledgehammer to destroy a zombie’s head”

Exanima is Bare Mettle Entertainment take on a dark, hyper-realistic RPG.  At first glance it looks closer to a Hack-N-Slash like Diablo 3 than Dragon Age: Origins but it is not just the story sucks that you in, it is also the realistic 3D mechanics of the game world.  Every aspect of the environment is manipulative and lifelike. You might dodge the enemies attacks and slice in just under their arm or kick a chair in their path to make them trip before landing the coup-de-grace. You will have to use the dungeon to your advantage if you hope to survive.

In this game you can use the two handed sword you just found, the large axe or even a random board. Personally I’d go with the sword, but you can use whatever you can find.

13. HellSign

“Oh no! Run! Reload! Okay… Get ready”

Let’s bring this list into the 21st century with HellSign. HellSign is basically the hit TV show, Supernatural, except you get cooler guns, an awesome australian accent and a whole lot more demons. Also, it’s just you and your guns against the onslaught of demons as you explore the secrets of your past. As a hunter of Australia’s nastiest creatures, ranging from giant spiders to banshees, try not to die again when figuring out if you are already, in fact, dead.

That’s a big explosion for a single 45 shot. Thankfully ghost guts just look like smoke exploding from the impact site.

12. Divinity: Original Sin 2

(in regards to the characters personal story) “that sounds awesome! It’s like a game in itself!”

Strait off the heels of the original Original Sin, Divinity: Original Sin 2, is one of closest games to capturing the epicness and creativeness of pen & paper RPGs like DnD, and bringing it to the computer screen. They do not just provide an amazing and expansive story for your custom character of any give race, living or otherwise, but they provide the tools to create your own story.  Imagine making a custom Dragon Age area and subplot, let alone entire questline. Divinity’s beautiful artwork, incredible customization, and amazing story means it going to be a game for the ages.

Divinity has all of the classical elements of playing a tactical RPG, health bars and quick commands on the bottom of the screen and turn order on the top, but the beauty of the interface is all the action that is not lost at all despite all the information provided.

11. Tyranny

“Things change significantly based on what we do and how we interact with the world.”

Tyranny gives a fresh idea to RPGs in general, by starting as an officer already with power and potential instead of a lowly peasant trying to get by in the slums. Already with rank, you have to maximize your power and influence as you bring your take on law and order to the world. For many, Dragon Age: Origins was one of the first RPGs they played where their choices had lasting impact on the story line. Tyranny takes this idea to the next level! All your choices have profound and continuing effects on the game and shape the entire world as you progress.  

As a general in the Kyros army, you are going to be responsible for many lasting decisions from the very start of the game.

10. The Age of Decadence

“The world, and an empire that once ruled it, lie in ruins.”

The Age of Decadence takes a fantasy RPG like Origins and removes the monsters. It pits you against other people in a Roman-like world of city-states, that are often just as crafty as you. You have nothing but your wits, skills, and whatever you can scrape together in this harsh world to get by. It does provide much more customization and skill focus as well as some awesome abilities and gear to accumulate in your quest for power. Now, become the emperor!

Age of decadence has a rich inventory, and an equipping system that will eat up your action points in combat so be sure to use your belt bags.

9. Vigilantes

“It’s gone through the ringer of early access and it’s turned out very nicely indeed!”

Vigilantes is a cool new RPG strategy game that is somewhere between DA:Origins and XCOM, with a little more focus on story.  As a vigilante it’s your job to take care of your city’s dangerous gangs as you build a team in this noir story or redemption. Complete with custom crafting and your own base of operations, be prepared to use the environment as well in order to kick some teeth in.

While your skills passively level up as you use them, once you meet the requirements you can choose perks that help define your character.

8. Torment: Tides of Numenera

“Frauds, quacksalvers, and charlatans. They don’t have all the answers, and I’d not trust them with the Changing God’s secrets.”

A complete cross between science fiction and fantasy, Torment: Tides of Numenera takes you one billion years into the future. You are literally the rejected remains of a demigod. Torment takes you into this fantastic world in your quest to answer one of the oldest questions of all, “what does one’s life matter?” To answer this you have to use the turn based combat system and dynamic dialogue just like Origins, but with some awesome other aspects that you would have to see to believe.

Torment has a standard RPG inventory with a other-worldly or alien style, if you like Mass Effect but want more RPG this looks promising.

7. Eitr

“We’re heavily inspired by dark souls”

If you made a kicking chick-Warden in Origins, and like playing a shield-maiden, and do not mind some old school graphics, then Eitr is a game to keep an eye on.  Based on Norse mythology, hence the Norse name for poison, you get to fight the pantheon of Norse beasts in flame haired style. If you enjoyed the Disney movie Brave, you can use a bow, also like a certain other archerer, although with shorter hair (Leliana).  It’s expected to release this year we’re certainly excited for it’s release.

Are you Brave enough to stand against the coming of the horde?

6. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

“This game I am very excited for because it has kind of a pirate-y theme”

In Dragon Age: Origins you hunt a god that is a giant dragon. In Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, the god you are hunting is a giant, stone, colossus. Also, similarly you collect a team of adventurers however, unlike in Origins you finally get to take a much cooler method of travel, ship. Complete with high-seas, ship-to-ship, boarding and discovering new lands.  You still have to customize how you want the party to progress such as skills and items, but this time you get to sail to the edge of the map.

“Stop blowing holes in my ship!” The combat is often quite fast paced so save often.

5. ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic Indie Game

“A Russian love-letter to Fallout”

Like the title suggests, it’s like Fallout but a tactical RPG set in Soviet Russia. Well what’s left of it anyway, after a nuclear holocaust in 1986. This top down custom RPG takes you across the untamed landscape of Russia to fight mutant bears, spiders, and other Russians. You can easily get lost in hundreds of hours exploring this open world while customizing your skills to take on any and all threats. Also it has plenty of blood and gore for the Origin fans that like to get dirty.

I don’t know why he has all that extra gear, in Soviet Russia all you need is a good old Mosin.

4. The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep

“Think of it as a dungeon crawler with a bit more story and turned based combat”

Number four in the classic series; Barrows Deep brings back the customization and creativity players loved in the earlier renditions of the Bard’s Tale and enjoyed in Dragon Age.  What makes The Bard’s Tale series different than other RPGs is it’s chess-like combat system that gives you two rows for you and your companions against two rows of enemies, which can make it both simple and challenging to master.  If you liked Oghren and his swilling ways you’ll love just about everyone in this Gaelic inspired game because it’s just full of good old fashioned humor.

She has a sparky wit too.

3. Pathfinder: Kingmaker

“It is SUPER in depth!”

Kingmaker brings the beloved pen and paper world of Pathfinder to the screen with classic RPG elements like a diverse cast of companions.  The lore of the game is captured beautifully throughout the game as you battle for control of the lands. It’s a classic RPG with a wonderfully involved story that every dedicated RPG fan should try. The turned based combat will have you scratching your head trying to figure out how best to kill the giant snake and you get a real sense of accomplishment as your small camp turns into a real major city.

Even the character inventory screen has a ton of information that has to be accounted for to fully equip and support your party.

2. Kenshi

“It’s a squad based, or solo; RPG, or real time strategy, or city-builder. I mean there so many things to do here in this game. It’s absolutely unbelievable!”

Kenshi is a new, beautiful, and epic Real Time Strategy and RPG hybrid that takes squad-based fighting to a new level.  This truly open world game gives you the ability to do just about everything from being a warlord to a lowly trader if that’s your cup of tea.  The customization is incredible from a starving lizard-like man to looking dangerously close to Andre the Giant. Kenshi will eat up hundreds of hours of your time without even noticing, and will still leave you wanting more.

Is this a game or a brand new boy-band? EIther way I’m down.

1. Tower of Time

“Welcome to Tower of Time, it’s an isometric cRPG. It’s less about story and more about combat!”

Tower of Time is a savagely intense tactical RPG that looks like a hack-n-slash at first glance but will test all of your wit and skill as you progress your team through the story.  Crawl through the dungeons leveling your team and gathering the gear and resources required to take on intense battles and tricky puzzles. Be wary since you can’t pause this story full of difficult battles against multitudes of different enemies, all with their own skills and abilities, that you have to adapt to.  This gem might take a few Googles to make it through.

More great balls of fire!

Bonus Game: Wasteland 3

“Oh just a taste. A nibble here and there. In fact, I’m still hungry. Hard-Heads? It’s dinner time!”

I hoped you’re hyped because were going to cold, frozen, Colorado in the brand new tactical RPG, Wasteland 3.  This game looks cool too! After the great directors cut of Wasteland 2 this sequel has had us waiting too long. With some nice vehicle action and all the cold hard steel we love from Wastelands one and two, this game is going to be fresh.  The multiplayer is just as exciting since it allows you to either play through the storyline together or do your own thing in the same world. Not sure how that works but it sounds fun to explore with some friends.

We can’t tell what the combat is like from pictures like these, but the it sure is a beautiful game.

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