Secret World Legends: The Game You Didn't Know You Wanted


Secret World Legends: The Game You Didn't Know You Wanted

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  • 20th Jan 2019
  • 1:37 am
C.Whyse C.Whyse

Secret World Legends: The Game You Didn't Know You Wanted

Six and a half years ago, Funcom released an innovative MMORPG called The Secret World. When I first played, one popular television series came to mind...

What is this game about? How does it feel to rule the world? Who are the contestants? All these questions and more wil be answered!

It begins with a bee. Or, in this game's context, a Bee. Then, weird dreams. A woman in white and a man in black. They both tell you that you must make a choice. You wake and set your jacket on fire. Superpowers, whoa! You're approached by a faction (those will be covered later). You find out there was an explosion in Tokyo-- but it was more than an explosion. It was an event that brought something dark and alien to this world. You are enisted to save the world.

There are three major zones to traverse before the endgame: Kingsmouth, al-Merayah, and the Carpathian Fangs.
Kingsmouth, a town seeped in Lovecraftian vibes, is a town with a dark history and an even darker present. As you fight through zombies and draug, you discover a machination of forces seeks to doom the world. Through meetings with the Wabanaki tribe, law enforcement and a school for the magical and supernatural, you take down a man who seeks out the power of a god.

The next set of zones is Egypt. The city is al-Merayah and it is being overrun by a cult. These possessed people are backed by sinister forces, beings and people who would see the world destroyed. The most interesting portion of this area is the Indiana Jones-inspired train heist. At the end of it all, you fight a newly reborn god.

The third, but not quite final, zone is in [transexual] Transyvania. You begin in the small city of Harburesti, where nature gods and gnomish creatures walk about freely. Into the next zone, a mystical forest full of secrets and danger. The Fangs themselves hold a vampire queen who is on the verge of pressing the Big Red Button. You find out Dracula wasn't such a bad guy after all and you get entangled in a centuries-long love triangle.

Due to many factors, The Secret World imploded. However the newer incarnation, Secret World Legends still carries many of the same story points and dynamic voice actors. Its current fee-to-play format offers a platform for anyone to enjoy. Next to be explored are the factions: Templar, Illuminati and Dragon.

I'll start with my personal favorite faction: the Dragon.

The Dragon is all about chaos and the theory behind it. They believe there is an order to all events and some of the greatest shifts in history come from the smallest events. They seek to control those events. They are mystics and seers. Movers and shakers. And one particularly ruthless gangster (sorry, no spoilers...)

Sex, drugs and rock n' roll on a cosmic scale. These people have dirt on angels and the fear of demons. They hold New York with an iron fist and they are probably the most popular faction in the game. Ball busters and mercenaries... it's good to be king.

Last but not least are the mighty, mighty Templars. The Deliverers of Evil. The foes of the Illuminati. These are two incredibly popular factions; it's hard to throw a rock without hitting one or the other.

The endgame zones, Tokyo and Dark Agartha are no joke! Through development of your character, and once you'v hit level 50, you fight strange mutations and corrupted demons. The Dark Tower itself houses horrors and secrets of a company far too big for its breeches. Face off against the Orochi Company and watch events unfold in the strangest ways.

Fully-voiced NPCs, engaging stories and choices to customize your character, this is a severely underrated game.

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