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Detective Games
Grab your favorite hat and a notepad for these great detective games!

16. A Detective’s Novel

A Detective’s Novel gameplay

A Detective’s Novel focuses on a wealthy industrialist who dies under mysterious circumstances (are there any other kind of circumstances in detective games?) one evening. To solve this case, you play as Detective Knox, a 29-year-old detective famous for having solved over 100 cases at his young age. A Detective’s Novel is a visual novel, meaning its gameplay elements are light and the focus is mostly on telling the story. This may turn off more hardcore gamers, but the story and characters of A Detective’s Novel are enough to entice any fan of the genre. As the game is heavy on dialogue, the colorful cast of characters makes this game stand out along with the anime-influenced character designs. The piano-driven score is also worthy of praise and provides the perfect accompaniment to match the mood for each scene.

What do you get when you blend a visual novel with detective style gameplay? You get A Detective’s Novel, of course!

Most of the game’s choices come from dialog trees that progress the story and your investigation.

15. Return of the Obra Dinn

Return of the Obra Dinn gameplay

Set in 1807, the Obra Dinn returns to port after having been lost at sea five years prior. As this is a detective game and requires a compelling mystery, all the crew members and passengers aboard the ship have mysteriously died. You play as an insurance agent for East India Company tasked with uncovering the names and fates of the sixty bodies aboard the ship. In a list full of games with unique visual styles, the monochromatic graphics of Return of the Obra Dinn are particularly noteworthy. It’s also starkly different than the gameplay style of something like A Detective’s Novel with the focus being the player’s own deductive reasoning abilities to solve the logic puzzle at the game’s core. 

The monochromatic visual style in The Return of the Obra Dinn establishes a uniquely haunting atmosphere.

The puzzles put players’ deductive reasoning abilities to the test if they want to solve the game’s central mystery.

14. Gemini Rue

Gemini Rue gameplay

On the planet Barracus, former assassin turned detective Azriel Odin desperately searches rain-soaked environments for his missing brother. Worlds away, Delta-Six wakens in a hospital with no memory of who he is or how he got there. Though seemingly unconnected, players control both characters in Gemini Rue as their paths intersect and mysteries are unraveled. Unlike most point and click adventure games, Gemini Rue also features action segments with cover-based shooting mechanics. Anyone looking for a cyberpunk detective game in the vein of Blade Runner will feel right at home in Gemini Rue’s sci-fi dystopia. 

The rain-soaked environments of Gemini Rue create a classic neo-noir atmosphere.

Gemini Rue features two central protagonists whose stories intersect over the course of the game.

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