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police games 2017
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7. Driver: San Francisco

Driver 01


There are few thrills in life more high-octane than a police chase. But a police chase involving superpowers? Now that’s an entirely different level of awesome.

Driver: San Franciso puts you behind the wheel as a detective named Tanner. After a car crash puts him in a coma, Tanner realizes he can teleport, or “shift,” into people. And what better way to celebrate his new gift than to use it to teleport between cars?

Because you’re basically a super-powered mutant, your momentum is never interrupted by pesky activities such as removing your seatbelt, opening the car door, and running across the tarmac to commandeer another vehicle. Makes chasing after bad guys a whole lot more convenient!

Driver 02

Looks like a good time to shift!

Driver 03

Leave them in the dust

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