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Going down the rabbit hole!
Going down the rabbit hole!

8. Kingdom Hearts


Fighting alongside the heroes of your childhood

When you wish upon a star, dreams do come true… especially when you’ve got two entertainment industry giants working together to make them happen!

The Kingdom Hearts series is an entrancing confluence of Square Enix and Disney universes. Imagine swashbuckling next to Jack Sparrow one moment, and trading blows with Sephiroth the next. How about visiting Jack Skellington in Halloween Town, basking in the blue glow of Tron’s world, or going down the rabbit hole to Wonderland? And traveling between worlds is easy; all you need is to open a few portals, or a ride in your nifty Gummi Ship – operated by none other than Chip and Dale.

And Aerith doesn’t even have to stay dead! She’s chilling in town with Cid, Yuffie, and the annoying emo kid formerly known as Squall.



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MichaelLogarta's picture

MichaelLogarta 4 years 11 months ago


Cherrykuns's picture

Cherrykuns 5 years 5 months ago

Dragon Age is cool, and I think lounging on the beaches of FF 14 would be awesome to consider as well.

James Lightning's picture

James Lightning 5 years 5 months ago

Dragon Age for me.

MJuarbe's picture

MJuarbe 5 years 5 months ago

i love kingdom hearts or the final fantasy worlds, but i have to say world of warcraft. i love to travel and it just seems endless

jwilson2452's picture

jwilson2452 5 years 5 months ago

Huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy worlds....!