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best sniper games 2019
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Scoping out the enemy

8. Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov Sniper Gameplay

Perhaps the most experimental game on this list, Escape From Tarkov is a loot based shooter with permadeath elements.

You are essentially tasked with exploring a fictional Russian region known as Norvinsk that is amidst a destabilization affair. Currently, as the game is in early access, there’s not a campaign or mission mode to speak of, you’re tasked with exploring sections of the region as if they were levels, fighting AI and other players that enter the session.

Gunplay is intense, deadly, and next to something like the Milsim ArmA franchise, the tension of seeing anything hostile move produces a sense of fear. Instead of being aggressive as an arcadey type of shooter, hesitance may in fact be the factor to determines what allows you to survive.

Sniping gameplay plays a strong role by playing as a ghost, hiding in the area and picking at prey.

There’s no currently announced release date to Escape From Tarkov, but purchasing it now grants you immediate access to the early access build of the game.

Every place in the game feels like a warzone.

You can customize your guns in this game.

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