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best sniper games 2019
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Scoping out the enemy

3. Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 Gameplay

Proudly boasting the sniper focus in the title, the Sniper Elite series is one of the few shooter franchises where sniping is the primary aspect of gameplay, instead of something supplemental. In fact, most traditional weapons are to supplement the sniper gameplay. Unique to this game is a much larger sandbox environment to explore, snipe, and take down targets. Similarly, these games have a brutal bullet cam, slowing down time and letting you take in the shot -- and impact -- of your actions onto the enemy, letting you see broken bones and shattered organs.

A coastal town occupied by opposing forces.

For people looking for additional challenge, the game features a realistic setting that, among other things, makes ballistic drop from your gun more pronounced. For additional challenge or fun, consider bringing a friend, as it can be player cooperatively.

Sniper Elite 4 released last year.

Scoping out and picking your shots is the name of the game.

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