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Best Superhero Games
Supergirl is looking hot today.

14. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Gamers again assume the role of your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman in this action-adventure sequel loosely based on the second film in the rebooted franchise that saw Andrew Garfield star. A huge array of the web-slinger’s threatening foes make an appearance, including Kingpin and Venom as Spidey battles to maintain the peace in Manhattan using his collection of incredible skills.

Players will get a real sense of both sides of the iconic Superhero in the game as they walk around taking pictures and discovering clues as Peter Parker, and get their adrenaline pumping as they swing through the city and fight swarms of enemies in fast-paced, athletic combat. Swinging has been upgraded from the previous game and Spidey’s web must attach to the surrounding buildings for him to swing; this then encourages you to stay close to the buildings and the ground, creating a real feeling of speed and danger as you swing between cars and around tight corners. Spiderman also has a range of combos to deal with the criminals effectively, using his Spider-sense and web to attack and slow enemies, really putting the player in the driving seat of the iconic hero.

Some familiar faces turn up during the game, including fan-favourite Storm

Manhattan looks great, and it is ready to be explored

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