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best tank games
Let the gun roar as you spit death at your enemies

12. Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes: Tank Gameplay

Stepping away from the FPS world war games, Company of Heroes 2 brings the war to RTS with the players playing as the Soviet Union fighting and repelling the German invasion. With weather mechanics, cold weather survival, and historical orders and tactics as a main feature of the game, the Soviet Winter will heat up as the war for Russia continues!

Most vehicles can be used as rams to destroy trees, sandbags, fortifications and even men. When fighting the German tanks with your own, flanking around them to take advantage of their weakened rear armor is often the best chance for survival when you can’t hold the line. And against these invaders, the line will fall, it’s just a matter of how long you can hold out.

Send the tanks forward! All of them for Mother Russia!

Tanks can provide excellent infantry support units. Blow the fortifications away and your troops will do the rest!

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