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Turn Based RPGs
The best RPGs that test your strategic mind are revealed!

4. Battle Brothers

Battle Brothers gameplay

Most RPGs put you in the role of a "destined" person seeking a noble goal. But in Battle Brothers, glory and survival is the only goal, and you'll need to work hard to make that happen.

For here, you'll take the role of a mercenary group leader, and guide your men from contract to contract in a fantasy world that is as gritty as it is gruesome. You make all the choices for your group. Who gets to go into battle, who gets hired, who gets upgraded, it's all on you. Travel a massive world in order to find new contracts and battles, and then work hard to ensure you win. Another thing that makes Battle Brothers unique is permadeath. Everyone can die in your party, so if you're not careful, you're going to be fighting alone.

Build up your mercenary crew so they can take on any house!

Be mindful of the battlefield.

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