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Turn Based RPGs
The best RPGs that test your strategic mind are revealed!

2. Might and Magic Heroes VII

Might and Magic Heroes VII gameplay

The queen has fallen, and challengers to the throne are arising. Lead your people to defend the kingdom and restore balance to the land.

In the land of Ashan, the queen has been murdered, and now, those who would seek to take her throne are coming. You play as Duke Ivan, who rallies the people together and must fight off the threats coming by any means necessary. Might and Magic Heroes VII has you spinning a lot of different plates, but it works in its favor. For example, you will be fighting armies, but you must build up your kingdom so that you have that capability. Plus, you have soldiers with hundreds of different abilities to level up, so build your armies wisely. All of this is to save your kingdom from those who have tried to destroy it from within. Will you avenge the queen?

The kingdom is under attack! Protect it with all you have!

Build your your defenses, armies, and more to ensure your kingdom never falls.

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