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Turn Based RPGs
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The best RPGs that test your strategic mind are revealed!

13. Vigilantes

Vigilantes Gameplay

A city full of crime, a man who has had enough. It's time to take back your city the only way you know how, by any means necessary.

Vigilantes doesn't put you in a super futuristic city, or in a fantasy world. No, it puts you in a darker version of the real world where crime organizations are everywhere, and violence has gotten out of hand. You are set to try and take it all back. It won't be easy, and there will be consequences for everything that you do. But, if you win, if there is such a thing, your city will be better. Vigilantes has you fighting on multiple levels, on the streets, with surveillance, alone, with allies, it's very in-depth, and the battle system is very advanced, so you can't just go charging into fights, or you will lose. Be smart about what you do, think about how your opponents will fight, then put them down.

Allies will come to you if you're able to make them. After all, you can't save the city alone.

Combat is 360 around you, you must be careful, else you'll pay the price.

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