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 10 Best Zombie Survival Games To Prepare You For a Zombie Apocalypse
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7. Deadlight

Understand what it is like to live and survive in a post apocalyptic world, where people's humanity have been discarded in Deadlight. This game plays as a stealth based platformer in a zombie infected 1980s version of Seattle. Take control of Randall Wayne, a park ranger searching for his family in the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse. Players will soon learn more about Randall through flashbacks and nightmarish hallucinations.

The world of Deadlight is dull and mutated. The foreground is dark where you, the zombies, and the terrain will be saturated in shadows. The zombies look mostly like shadows with glowing eyes, making them pretty eerie. The game features beautiful and diverse backgrounds. Although you do not get to explore them, you'll look onto them in awe. Randall navigates his surroundings fluidly as the game incorporates parkour elements. Players will travel from Randall's safe house to the city, over buildings, an underground labyrinth, a hospital, and a military camp.

Stat planning for how'll you will get out of this bind

Players will climb ladders, hang from ledges, jump over gaps, slide down rooftops, crawl through air ducts, among many other actions as you run from zombies. Your physical actions will use up your stamina. With each swing of your axe, your stamina will deplete, slowing down your swings and making things get blurry until you give yourself time to rest. If you run out of stamina while you are hanging from wires or ledges, you'll fall to your death.

Rarely will you need to fight zombies, mostly you'll avoid those in the foreground and background. But if you're feeling saucy you can yell at and taunt the zombies. Players will get a revolver and shot gun in the game where each bullet will need to be individually loaded. Ammo for these weapons are limited, but players can find more in the bodies that they encounter. This is how the game reinforces the idea that confrontation with the zombies is discouraged. These weapons will be utilized to shoot out windows and destroy locks.

How will you take on the army of the undead? It's time to learn how to be crafty with your aim, and learning how to jump from building to building wont hurt either.

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