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 10 Best Zombie Survival Games To Prepare You For a Zombie Apocalypse
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5. Dead Rising 2

What's life going to be like once we've all grown used to our zombie neighbors and built back our lives? If it's anything like Dead Rising 2 get ready for a slew of campy zombie reality TV shows. Dead Rising 2 takes place in Fortune City which is pretty much Las Vegas with zombies thrown in for fun.

Players take control of Chuck Green, a motocross star whose wife was killed by zombies years ago and daughter became infected, but takes medication to stay human. Chuck is a contestant on the show Terror is Reality where players drive motorcycles with chainsaws attached to them to slay the most zombies for a cash prize. After the show, there's a zombie uprising that Chuck gets blamed for and all hell breaks lose.

The most beautiful bond is between father, daughter, and zombie

Chuck has a busy three days ahead of him, which is all the time he has before the military comes in to blow up Fortune City. In this time he has to get medication for his infected daughter, save survivors, take on crazy humans, and survive hordes of zombies. Players will need to get crafty to survive. Everyday objects like an umbrella, toy gun, and fire extinguisher can be combined with duct tape in order to create deadly weapons. Combo cards can be unlocked and will show players what items are the best to combine. You'll need your crazy weapons when you'll have to fight thousands of zombies.

Each day players will be given missions to complete in a set amount of time. With each mission completed players will gain more experience which means more health, inventory slots, and moves.

Dead Rising 2 offers two online modes. There is a two player co-op campaign where you and a friend can run through the game together. There is also a four player "TV show" that pits humans against zombies. All of the money earned in this show will carry over to players' respective games. Maybe some reality TV will be in your zombie filled future.

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