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 10 Best Zombie Survival Games To Prepare You For a Zombie Apocalypse
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3. Left 4 Dead

It's time to figure out who your most dedicated friends are, you'll need them once the apocalypse comes into town. Weave out the weak and unfaithful in Left 4 Dead.

Left 4 Dead is a co-op action horror game for up to four players. You and three of your friends can take control of Bill the war vet, Louis the IT guy, Zoey the college student, and Francis the biker. Each character's skills don't vary, you'll just be picking what character model you want to control. The game has a strong emphasis on team-based strategy and objectives. You can tackle the game alone with AI controlling the other characters, or try to get in some good zombie bonding time with your friends.

It's a team building exercise 

You and your group will need to survive the swarming hordes of zombies and horrifying mutants in each level. The game features unique zombies like exploders that vomit on you, stalkers that pounce on you, and witches that stay huddled until exposed to light.

Players will travel across an abandoned city, ghost towns, and dark forests as they attempt to escape the source of the infection. Each level begins in a safe room where your party can collect themselves and sort their inventory. You and your party will have a big sigh of relief when you reach the safe room at the end of each level, with tons of angry zombies clustered at the door.

The game features matchmaking, stats, rankings, and an awards system showing things like who killed the most zombies and took the most damage. There's also a versus mode where you can compete against three of your friends either as a human trying to get rescued or as a massive zombie who wants nothing more than to destroy them. Either way, you'll be racking up a list of who to keep around you when things get crazy.

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