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 10 Best Zombie Survival Games To Prepare You For a Zombie Apocalypse
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1. Dying Light

Think you can survive in a vast an dangerous open world? Maybe in the day you feel safe, but what about the horrors that come with night fall? Dying Light will show you just how terrifying the night can be.

Dying Light plays as a first person action survival game. Players are quarantined in a city devastated by a strange epidemic that has turned people into zombies. The game features an extensive world where players fight different kinds of enemies such as zombies and rival humans who want the loot you have.

How badly do you now want to kick a zombie off of a building

The game features a day and night mechanic that greatly impacts the game play. During the day, players can roam the city scavenging for supplies and weapons to fight zombies. At night the player becomes hunted as the infected creatures become even stronger and more aggressive. Players need to do everything that they can to survive until daybreak.

Players have tons of customization options so they can tailor their character to fit their needs and be the most effective zombie killer. The game also offers a diverse selection of weapons such as axes, bats, pistols, and shotguns among many more. Players can also craft weapons so that they have an arsenal of efficient combat tools at their disposal.

Dying light features a co-op mode where up to four players can play through the entire game together. Friends can also participate in competitive co-op events where they'll try to be the one who kills the most zombies, save the most survivors, gather the most loot, and be the first to race to an objective. There's also an online mode where players can become a zombie and hunt survivors.

This isn't a game you want to miss out on, you might find yourself trapped in an dangerous and infected city before you know it. 


Do you feel ready yet for the zombie apocalypse? If not then now's the time to dedicate yourself to horror games to build up the necessary survival skills.

Is there a great zombie apocalypse game that you think will help out the rest of humanity? Comment below so we might all have a fighting chance once the apocalypse comes around.


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