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10 Free Horror Games That You Should Play And Share with Friends
Step right into the terrors


9. Ib

All are good choices

Horror games don't need groundbreaking graphics to be scary, the simplistic can be just as terrifying, Ib proves this. Ib is a horror adventure game made in RPG Maker 2000 and despite the low res graphics the game has a very heavy and creepy atmosphere. Players take control of Ib, a young girl who visits an art gallery with her parents for her birthday. After looking at a strange painting, Ib realizes that she is alone and the museum has somehow become empty. As she searches for her parents, she discovers that not everything in the gallery is as it seems. Ib finds herself trapped in a large and twisted art gallery whose world is filled with horrors like evil dolls and headless mannequins.

The game focuses on exploration and puzzle solving. Be prepared for tons of jump scares and chases as players can't fight the aggressive art works that hack at Ib's health. Players must be quick witted and resourceful in order to escape the twisted art gallery. If all else fails, the game's website has walkthroughs and guides to get each ending. Even with help, you'll still have to face the museum's terrors.


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